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A Collection of Pictures and a Portrait of the Master with Introduction and Interpretation

Getting Introduced to Oil Painting


Get Introduced to the World of Oil Painting by the Masters

Ornamental Alphabets – Ancient and Medieval


Learn the art of decorative writing with this illustrated ebook.

Pencil Drawing – The Beginner’s Guide


Teach Yourself Some Of The Powerful Basic Techniques Of Pencil Drawing With Our Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Venetian School of Painting


Venetian painting in its prime differs altogether in character from that of every other part of Italy.

Masters of Water Color Painting


Learn About Some of the Art World's Masters of Water Color Painting

A Text Book of the History of Painting

The object of this series of text-books is to provide concise teachable histories of art for classroom use in schools and colleges. 

Canvas Painting 101

Canvas Painting for the Beginner

The Enjoyment of Art

A Treatise on Etching

Definition of Etching.To be able to get an impression on paper from a metal plate in a copper-plate printing-press, it is necessary to sink the lines of the design below the surface of the plate, so that each line is represented by a furrow. The plate is then inked all over, care being taken to fill each furrow, and finally the ink is cautiously wiped away from the surface, while the furrows are left charged with it. A piece of moist paper pressed against a plate so prepared, will take the ink up out of the furrows. The result is an impression.

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