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The Rome Express


Murder on the Rome Express!

The Mysterious Affair at Styles


This is the Agatha Christie novel that started it all!

The Great Swamp Mystery


"Help! Police! Murder!"

The La Chance Mine Mystery

This is an adventure filled western mystery with a little romance thrown in.  It has something for everyone!

The Circular Staircase

 This Gothic mystery begins when a spinster rents an old mansion for the summer in the hopes of enjoying a relaxing and restful vacation. 

The White Squall



The Golf Course Mystery

The Valley of Fear

On reaching the Manor House, the sergeant had found the drawbridge down, the windows lighted up, and the whole household in a state of wild confusion and alarm.

A Chain of Evidence


Exciting New York City Murder Mystery!

Jacob’s Ladder


It seemed to Jacob, when he was awakened from a sound sleep about four o‟clock the next morning, that his young companion‟s farewell words had been vainglorious.

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