Author Interview of Carol L. Parsons

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Today we have an Author Interview with Carol L. Parsons. Thank you very much for being here today, Carol and for agreeing to do this interview.

1. What is the “Message” of your writing? (For example, is your purpose to; encourage old-fashioned values, encourage romance, or do you have different purposes in different books?)

My message in my books is, and always will be, to encourage people to be the best they can be. My first book; “From Hobby to Business” was written to show artist, craft lovers, and entrepreneurs how to create an income from doing what they love to do, and to take it to that next level. My second book; “Manic Success” was written to encourage readers to go for their dreams, reach new heights, and overcome the obstacles that may stand in their way. And now my newest book; “Reaching the Mountain Top” is written to inspire the reader to wait upon God for the strength they need to overcome any challenge they may be facing.

Manic Success

From Hobby to Business

2. Have you done anything writing-related, besides your books that seemed to get a lot of positive response, something that encouraged you?

Oh Yes, I have written materials for various workshops and speaking events that were all well received. I also wrote newsletters for churches and non-profit organizations. One of my favorites to write and my reader’s favorites was a monthly article I wrote for a church newsletter. It was called “News from Box-Elder-Bug”. It gave inspirations and insights to church members from the viewpoint of the smallest church elder; the box-elder-bug. People would say they hated having to wait for the next month to read more from the Bug. One lady told how she would wait at her mailbox for her newsletter when it was time for Box-Elder to come. He was a huge success.

3. What’s the worst trouble you ever had with getting a book written, (plots, finding needed information, getting a cover done)?

A few weeks ago I was working on the cover for my newest book. I could have used a cover template to create the cover with a stock image. But that was not an option for me because I knew I wanted to use the art work my son had drawn for me. I am not real computer savvy. And it needed to be a JPEG with a resolution of 300dpi, and a certain size of pixels. Those terms were a different language to me. I needed to learn what these terms meant and how to make the changes. I tried so many different ideas using MS Paint. I finally ended up downloading an online calculator that changes from inches to pixels. Then I saved the picture to a JPEG. Next I had to download another program to change the “dpi” resolution. It was hard for me and the more I tried the more frustrated I got. Once it was completed I felt so relieved. But that relief was short lived, as the next instruction was to upload a picture of the author. And of course it was the wrong size, not a JPEG, and not the right dpi resolution. Here we go again…

Breaking The Mountain Tops

4. What is the best thing about being an Author?

For me being an author has given me a sense of purpose again. In 2002 I was diagnosed as being bi-polar. It came after years of lost jobs, broken commitments, and drastic mood swings. Because of my illness it is very hard to find or keep a job. I have cycles when I sleep for days and cannot concentrate or do normal living activities, when I am awake. Then I also have manic cycles where I go for days without sleep, not eating or able to capture all my racing thoughts. As an Author I can work around my moods and take advantage of those racing thoughts to create a work of art that I can be proud of, and it can be used to encourage others.

5. If you could go to one place and write, where would it be and why?

If I could go anywhere to write, I would go to the Holy Lands and sit along a riverbank under a shade tree and write as the Lord Inspires. I hope that I would feel His presence so dearly that I would have trouble keeping up with all my thoughts. I know I would be blessed beyond compare, to sit where Jesus had traveled.

6. Morning or Night, which is the best and why?

Definitely night, I have said many times that an author is nocturnal. Most mornings I get off to a slow start. I play on my computer for hours. But by late afternoon I catch the writers bug and I can’t quit. I get on a roll and I can’t stop until I get every last ounce of creative writing onto paper. More times than I care to admit I get writing and see the sun come up.

7. What advice do you have for other Authors?

Write, and believe in yourself.

8. What do you hope readers take away from this book?

In any book that I write, I hope the reader will be encouraged to change in a way that will drive them toward their greatest potential. My book “Reaching the Mountain Top” is no different. It is my prayer that the readers will be inspired to wait upon God, Let God renew their strength, and to realize that God does not need them, He wants them.

9. What is your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!

My book “Reaching the Mountain Top” will be out in E-book format in May of 2016 and in paperback in June 2016. It is based on Isaiah 40:31. It ask why you would want to settle with the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains, when you can wait upon God and have the abundant faith that will let you rise above the mountains in your life. It is written for anyone that is facing a challenge in their life. Everyone has mountains; some are fighting an addiction, getting over divorce, dealing with an illness or the death of a loved one. No matter what the mountain is the answer comes from waiting upon God: Reaching the Mountain Top shows you how to do just that. It’s a great book for individual study and great for a Bible study group.

Breaking The Mountain Tops



10. Pose a question for our readers to answer…

My question for your readers is a 3 part question; A. What do you feel is your purpose in life? B. What is keeping you from it, if anything? C. How can I help you to reach your fullest potential?

About the Author:

Carol L. ParsonsCarol was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a Mother of 3, a Grandmother of 7, and Doggymom to 1. She is also the Owner/ Designer for Crafters Corner Café, an organization formed for Art Lovers around the world. She started out as a lone artist wanting to connect with other Authors, Artist, Craft lovers, and other art enthusiast. She loves to write, quilt, and crochet.

She decided to start a blog. Soon followed the Crafters Corner Café Google + Community. Within the first 3 months it exceeded over 500 members of like minded artist wanting to share their work, ask questions, and share advice. And it continues to grow daily.

In the past Carol has owned businesses, was a Realtor, Para-Educator, Barber, Public Speaker and Homeschooled her children. She has also been in sales while holding all these other positions. Now she has decided to share her experiences and training to inspire and encourage others to reach their dreams. Carol currently lives in Perry, Iowa with her very spoiled poodle Sissy, also known as the mascot for Crafters Corner Café.

“I have truly been blessed with our community and my blog and
I continue to want to share with others, so they too may be blessed”

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  1. Kathryn Daugherty says:

    A nice interview. Thank you for sharing Carol’s talents.

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