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Character Interview: Descended: Sebastian by Dana Pratola

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Dana Pratola

Men like Sebastian want only one thing, and Natalie has vowed not to give it to him. Yes, he’s gorgeous, intelligent and heroic, but he’s also a constant reminder that she isn’t good enough for him. Can she outrun a club owner who wants her dead when she’s weighed down by the failures of her past? His whole life, Sebastian has viewed women one way – as marvelous distractions. But when Natalie enters his life, he’s forced to see the world – and women – in a new light. Teaming with Jett Cestone, they enter a world of sex traffickers to rescue young innocents. But only Natalie can rescue him and give him the one thing his heart needs. Character Interview for Sebastian Hi, we’re interviewing Mr. Sebastian Gray from Dana Pratola’s newest book Descended: Sebastian. It’s the second in a series. I’ve read the first one, so I’m guessing this one will also deal with a man who is more than ordinarily powerful, and perhaps a woman who might just show him his power isn’t going to be enough to deal with her in quite the way he plans.

1. What do you do for a living, Mr. Gray, and how’s business? I’m an architect, and business is fantastic, thanks for asking.

2. You’ve been seen with some remarkably beautiful women, but none for very long. What’s your secret to fighting them off, especially since you basically propositioned every one at that Las Vegas bar the other night? Hmm. Fighting them off…not what I’m known for. But when I was with a woman, and our time was up, I was always honest. Right from the start. I had no desire to mislead anyone.

3. That flight from Las Vegas must have been terrifying. At least one passenger said you appeared to be meditating or chanting. Does that relax you, or was there some other reason for doing it? >> I have no idea what you’re talking about.

4. There seems to be one woman you not only didn’t try to fight off, but actually may have kidnapped? What makes Natalie different? >> Nat…she’s…. I don’t know if I can answer that. She just is.

5. Some of us like to exercise the “phone a friend” option at odd times in our lives, but it seems especially odd that you brought Mike in to help you solve the problem of Natalie. What’s special about him? >> Mike’s been my friend for years. We’re more like brothers than anything and when I need him, he’s always there. Sometimes he does the thinking for me. Helps me see things I might have missed because I’m too eager, or not paying attention. I’ve never known loyalty like his.

6. What did you think when the police showed up, and who did you think Matt was? >> I thought Matt was Natalie’s boyfriend. I had the impression he did too. But when the cops charged in, all I could think was, great, I’m going to prison and I dragged Mike down with me.

7. What do you think made Natalie claim she came to your apartment of her own free will? >> I want to believe it was just because she thought I was hot, but I know she had her reasons, pertaining to Matt.

8. Who would want to, or have the power to, interfere with your plans for Natalie? >> Only one person could try to interfere. Jett Cestone. But I can handle him.

9. Do you think it’s going to be easy to get rid of her? >> I have no intention of getting rid of Natalie. Ever.

10. Do you really want to? See answer to 9.


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Character Interview With Grimesbledung Sixto from Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe by Robert P. Wills

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Robert P Wills

We are speaking today with Grimesbledung Sixto. He is the co-owner of a pretty successful used wand shop. Thanks for coming down to speak with us, Mister Sixtoes.

Am I under arrest?


Oh, okay. Call me Grimbledung, then.

Fine, then Grimbledung. As I said, you are the co-owner of a used wand shop. That is kind of an unusual line of work. How long have you been selling used wands?

Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe

About ninety years I would say. It was a little after the Great Pixie Uprising.

I see. So how did you get into that line of work?

Well, times were tough after the Pixies were defeated. There were a lot of people out of work and as my Pappy told me- ‘always try to have a job that can always make money with’.

Isn’t that any job?

He meant things like blacksmith and baker because people always need something repaired or some bread to go with cheese. But those seemed like a lot of work, so I started buying wands from folks that needed a quick coin, and then reselling them to other folks that needed a quick wand.

And that’s when you got the shop you currently have?

No, no. I worked out of a wagon for quite a while. Me and Rat.

A rat?

I enchanted a regular grey rat as a companion about a hundred years ago. I’ve had him ever since. Now that he’s learned to talk, he’s really helpful in selling wands when I’m busy doing something else, or I need an errand run. Why I remember this one time we were trying to sneak through the Trollish Highlands…

You were going to tell me how you came to work out of the shop.

Oh, right! Well, a little bit ago -about a year I’d say, I was out looking for wands after a big battle. You know, that’s the best place to look for wands because the folks that owned them aren’t alive anymore so you don’t have to pay them, and they don’t argue when you just take them when their eyes are pointing a different direction, even if you have to turn their eyes yourself. So anyway, I was searching for wands, minding my own business when I happened across another Gnome.


Right; Drimblerod Axebreath. He suggested we combine our inventories and sell from under one roof….

But yours was a wagon with no roof.

… so we combined our inventories and sold under one roof, which has really worked out well, I must say. Not only do I get to sleep indoors now, it really has increased profits because having an actual building lets you charge more for wands because people expect to pay more at a regular shop as opposed to a wagon parked in a dark alley.

Well, I can see how that would definitely make for better business. So you’re settled in the shop? That’s where you’re going to stay then?

Well, that particular shop isn’t around anymore due to a minor fire that broke out.

Minor fire? So your shop burned down?

Not at first. The fire started in the center of town and spread out in all directions. It took it about thirty minutes to make it to our shop. So while it was burning down the entire town so we had to make a run for it and ended up going up the road to the school of magic. That’s where we’ve set up our current shop.

So you’re settled there then?

Well, as long as no more fires break out, I suppose so.

So what caused this fire that burned the town to the ground?

You sure you’re not the law?

I’m sure.

Well, I may have had a very minor and indirect, and I should point out, totally incidental part in the actions that resulted in a fire starting that then spread to the rest of town. On accident. All I was trying to do was have a nice big fire at the jamboree so that everyone could roast their Marsh Mallows and Marsh Pixies all at once. So I may have had a four story pile of wood set up that probably caught fire when I hit it with a lava spell that then caused it to topple into the guild’s building, which then spread throughout the town. Maybe.

So besides selling used wands, what other interests do you have?


What else do you spend your time doing?

We had the Army of the Great Halfling Empire try to invade. That was kind of a busy time. Firstly I helped try and fend them off when they massed at the Anti-Ogre Wall. That was going pretty well until I fell off the wall and was captured by them.

Oh dear.

Right? Luckily a bunch of them broke my fall. Then, I managed to escape into the Foreboding Forest with the help of some Elves who lived there in the trees. After I escaped from them for trying to cook me, I made it back in time for the end of the invasion. We won, by the way.

Well, that’s good news. We’d hate to be overrun by Halflings. So it all worked out in the end?

Mostly, yes. One of the Halflings even stayed behind in town and became the deputy since his female was also in town. She’s a Gnome assassin.

She just kills Gnomes?

Leave the jokes to the professionals! She’s a Gnome who is also a master assassin. She was hired by the Halflings to kill me and Drimblerod but that didn’t go as planned and now we’ve worked out our differences and get along. Akita was happy to hire the old soldier since there’s still bands of Halflings running around the countryside causing trouble. Having a Halfling on the payroll is a good way to counter that.

They sound pretty ruthless, these Halflings.

Absolutely. They aren’t even fazed by our town constable, Akita Finnish. And he’s a Werewolf! You’d figure he’s good at giving people the creeping willies, so run of the mill fazing should be a piece of cake. The Halflings don’t seem to give him a second look. Unless he has their head in his mouth, I suppose.

Well, I’m glad that things have settled down in your part of the world and you’ve got a successful business to keep you busy now that the Halflings are under control.

Not as glad as I am! All that adventure made it hard to just sell some wands and sample some ale. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, stop by and I’ll give you a tour of the shop.

That sounds very nice, Grimbledung. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to come down for the interview.

Wait? This wasn’t mandatory? Just wait until I get my hands on Drimblerod!

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Character Interview with Joe Baker from “Joe the Dreamer” by Ada Brownell

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Ada Brownell

Perhaps you would like to meet Joe Baker, age 14, from my book JOE THE DREAMER: THE CASTLE AND THE CATAPULT.

Joe the Dreamer

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us your problems.

My name is Joe Baker. I’m age 14, going on 15, tall for my age, but if things continue as they have the last few weeks I’ll pass for an old man any day now.

I’m the son of Darin and Rose Baker, and they disappeared. My little sis, Penny, and I waited and waited that night, but they didn’t come home. Pop, a computer software designer, and Mom, a buyer and fashion consultant at Vanby’s, a prestigious teen clothing store, left work to visit a friend at the hospital and no one has seen them since.

2. What can you do? You’re still a kid.

My life is full of challenges. First, I need to find out how to believe in miracles so God will bring my parents home. In the meantime, I should learn how to live with Uncle Faulkner and Aunt Anna. But Faulkner, a powerful newspaper editor, is so full of himself I don’t know who will explode first—him or me, and Anna is tied to that little glass of alcohol and one little match could set her ablaze.

3. So you have a place to live, and you think God might help bring your parents home?

I thought my biggest fear was that my parents would be found dead. But now Pop has been accused of stealing priceless computer software to help control epilepsy. I think he designed it at home in his spare time. But I’ve had other problems. Then every time I read the Bible I dream I’m some great biblical hero and wake up shouting and screaming out, making Faulkner and his psychiatrist friend think I’m mentally ill, need medication and hospitalized.

4. How about friends? A girl friend? Other friends?

I always wanted to be like Pop and someday marry someone with beauty and character like my mom, but they aren’t here now. So, I let Gertrude, a wonderful old crippled lady, love on me and pray for me. I also re-connected with my old neighborhood buddies and joined a gang. Not just any gang, dude. The East Side Gallant Guardians. Christian teens who solve and prevent crime without guns or blades, using things like a pet skunk, sand, rope, noise, marbles. Centipede—he’s the leader–and his group of homies aren’t afraid of anybody or anything because they believe God is with them. Patrick—that’s Faulkner’s son—says we’re going to get ourselves killed, but so far amazing things are happening and we have found evidence that prisoners are being held at Sir Henry’s Castle in the mountains. I think that might be where Mom and Pop are, and we are taking a catapult and invading the castle.

5. So you’re planning a rescue attempt?

Sure! Would you believe we’re even allowing Pete’s twin sister to go with us? I’ve known Petra for a long time and hadn’t noticed how pretty and talented she is until just a few weeks ago. I’m not spreading it around that I like her, you see, so don’t you go texting everyone you know. I hope when everything comes down she’ll hang tough with her karate moves and cut the timber out from under some of those guards. Almost would make me grab her and plant a kiss on her gorgeous face!

If you want to know how all of this turns out, check out this link and the review where a teen said the book is “A tale of intrigue and faith; captures the reader from the opening page” JOE THE DREAMER: THE CASTLE AND THE CATAPULT

This site contains Third Party Advertising, using online behavioral tracking technology. Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Character Interview: Leah Masters from Mary C. Findley’s book “Send a White Rose”

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Hi, we’re interviewing Leah Masters from Mary C. Findley’s book Send a White Rose. Leah is here to tell us how a lovely young society lady from Boston ended up in territorial New Mexico, in the middle of an assassination plot against the man who sent for you to discuss marriage.

Send a White Rose

1. What do you do for a living, and how’s business?

I’ve been blessed to be provided for by my father, Senator Masters, but I do keep our household running smoothly, do his accounts, and play hostess at his dinner parties since the death of my mother some years ago.

2. You’ve been seen fainting in public. What’s wrong?

Yes, I’m afraid my health is not the best, and I do seem to catch everything that goes around. I can’t believe I was sick right when it was time to visit Judge Durant in New Mexico.

3. When you traveled to the New Mexico territory, that certainly was a life-changing decision, wasn’t it?

It certainly was the most difficult thing I have ever done, but my brother Randall insisted we couldn’t put off the trip until I was over my illness. Of course, neither of us realized how hard the trip was, or how sick I really was. And how humiliating, to faint at Judge Durant’s feet and not even be able to say a word.

4. Did it shock you when you learned where your brother Randall was? How did you feel about the upset to your whole reason for coming to Santa Fe?

I had two big shocks one right after the other. First, I learned that my brother had been arrested on suspicion of having tried to assassinate Judge Durant. The second was being told that that Judge Durant had left town, when I came all this way to meet him and discuss the possibility of marriage.

5. Some of us like to exercise the “ask a friend” option at odd times in our lives, but it seems especially odd that you brought Alethia in to help you solve the problem of people not informing you about Judge Durant. What’s special about Alethia?

It didn’t seem strange at all to me that Alethia and I would become friends. I didn’t learn until later that many people thought of her as the natural choice to be Judge Durant’s wife. She was the only one who could really tell me the truth about what had happened to Judge Durant.

6. What did you think when Judge Durant refused to see you, and how did you handle it?

Governor Markham insisted he could persuade Judge Durant to see me and help work out this terribly confusing and embarrassing situation between us. I went with him to the hospital, but the judge got angry at all his friends and banished everyone. It was only by pretending to be lost looking for another patient that I found the courage to actually talk to him again. He didn’t even recognize me, for which I was grateful.

7. What was one thing your brother Randall did that angered and saddened you, but turned out to be extremely important to how things turned out?

I couldn’t believe, after all the changes for the better that my brother had gone through, that he would revert to his old ways and accuse Alethia of such a terrible thing. But there were so many things I still didn’t understand about my own brother, and what he was capable of.

8. Did you do anything you really regretted that made a big difference?

It certainly was foolish of me to just run off in the pouring rain trying to find the judge when I had so little information. I just knew that he was in danger, and I couldn’t find anyone else in time. I suppose I didn’t think about how dangerous for me, too.

9. Was there a time when you were certain things just were not going to turn out right?

More than once, certainly. There were so many complications. Even when everything else seemed to be working out, that only made it harder to try to believe that things would work out between the judge and myself.

10. Why would you refuse the marriage proposal you’d crossed the country and gone through so much hardship just to hear?

A combination of anger, humiliation, and honestly, happiness that he’d made a decision, even if it wasn’t for me. I didn’t even understand why he would ask me, when Alethia has loved him all her life.