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Book Promo: Undraland by Mary E. Twomey

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BooksWe are happy to have Author Mary E. Twomey promoting her latest book Undraland. Welcome Mary. Please tell us about Undraland.

My newest series is Undraland. Undraland is book one in the 9-part series. Books 1-5 are available on amazon: ebooks and paperback. Book one is available also as an audiobook.

Book one is also available in French. The French translation of Undraland is currently at #8 in all of myths and legends on

Back of the Book Blurb:


After her parents and twin brother died a year ago, Lucy Kincaid was determined to put together a normal life for herself. With her heart set on college life, Lucy’s dreams of medical school are dashed when a rabid bear attacks her in the middle of suburbia. When Jens, a handsome yet irritable stranger, saves her life, Lucy’s gratitude is cut short when he abducts her, taking her to a land filled with people and creatures she remembers from bedtime stories she assumed were just Scandinavian folklore.   Jens takes Lucy to a world she never expected, and cannot escape. Undraland is teeming with oversized garden gnomes, warrior elves, Nøkken, Fossegrimens, and worst of all, Sirens. Lucy goes further and further down the rabbit hole until she signs up to join a band of thieves bent on taking down Pesta, the last Siren.

About the Author:

Molly Twomey

About Me

Mary E. Twomey lives in Michigan with her husband and three adorable children. She enjoys reading, writing, vegetarian cooking and telling her children fantastic stories about wombats.

Here is the link for Undraland in French, if you need it: 

People can contact me via my website: or my (work) email: 

Here is the link to Undraland: The series is a fantasy fiction adventure with characters based in Scandinavian folklore.

How to Harness the Power of eBooks for the Benefit of Your Website! By William Johnston

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Ebooks can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting and profiting from your website. To be able to benefit from ebooks, it is important to know how to use them to their full potential.

There are two big ways in which ebooks can be used to benefit you and your site:

  1. Promotion
  2. Profiting

Both of these are extremely important. Without promoting your site and receiving enough visitors, it is impossible to profit, which is the ultimate aim of a successful internet business.


Ebooks are especially good for advertising your website. They cost almost nothing to produce and can be easily distributed via an email. You can either use an ebook which you have created yourself, or you can use another author’s ebook, provided you have permission. Here is how to promote your site to unknown levels using an ebook:

– Use an ebook with a broad appeal, so as to achieve a maximum range of interest from many people. However, try to keep the ebook relevant to your site’s subject matter. This way, those who travel to your site through the ebook will find more that interests them on your site. This is how to turn browsers of your ebook into buyers on your site.

– Once you have chosen your ebook’s subject try to write the content similarly to your site. Add a link to the site you want to promote at the beginning and end of every page in the ebook. Make sure that these links are visible, and that it is made clear to the viewer where these links go to. Within the content of the ebook, while talking about something which can be found directly at your site, a link can also be added. However, make sure not to clutter your ebook with links and ads. This looks unprofessional and gives viewers a bad impression.

– Having finished the ebook’s content, check furiously for spelling mistakes or missing punctuation. These mistakes lead the viewer to believe that the author is unprofessional and even that the site may be insecure and badly run.

– Now comes a crucial part. Make sure on the very front of the ebook, or somewhere where everyone will be able to see, that you have put a statement such as this:

“You may redistribute this ebook freely so long as the content inside remains the same”

This will mean that anyone who receives your ebook will be able to pass it on, so long as they don’t change it. Given the fact that ebooks are a very popular form of displaying information nowadays, people are very likely to give your ebook away, whether it be a freebie on their site or a gift to newcomers. More and more people will have a copy of your ebook, with your link which goes straight back to your site. People are bound to click on your link if they’re interested.

– Now with your completed ebook, you can start distributing. Give it to all your friends and family and anyone else who you know. Tell them to distribute it everyone in their email address book. Do not be afraid to contact a site which sells or gives away ebooks and ask them if they will distribute it. The chances are that they will. Big ebook sites need new ebooks to keep going. Contact sites which have a similar subject matter as the subject of your ebook and ask them if they will distribute it. Don’t forget to distribute your ebook freely on your own site, because this will gain your site popularity. If you need help distributing your ebook, my site [] would be happy to distribute it for you.

Once you have distributed a number of copies, if you have distributed it well to many sets of people, your ebook will soon be all over the internet. People will start clicking on your links from all over the web and in addition, you have also made a small name for yourself on the web. This will increase the popularity and trust in your site.


Obviously through the promoting of your website using ebooks, the profits will increase. However, there are other ways in which to profit using ebooks:

– The most obvious way to make money through ebooks is by selling them. However, there are already many huge companies doing this and it is hard for little companies and websites to keep up. Nevertheless, try to offer just that little bit extra on your ebook deal compared to everyone else’s. You have to try and make your deal seem special. Add a couple of bonuses and maybe a useful bit of software too.

– Profit through ebooks by offering them as a bonus with another, more expensive product you are selling on your website. You would be surprised at how a browser will choose your product over others, just because your product has an ebook free with it. If you can make this ebook relevant to the item you are coupling it with, or you could make the ebook yourself, then more people will buy from you and people will be prepared to pay more. The ebook costs you nothing either so it is a perfect give-away.

– Affiliate links can also be posted in ebooks you create yourself. Earn yourself money by placing these links in relevant places in the content of the ebook. For example if your ebook talks about music, then include a link to a popular music website which you know will give you a slice of the profits if a sale is made. If your ebook is distributed correctly, your affiliate link could be viewed by thousands of people per week. The site I recommend for affiliate marketing is

– Also think about putting a very limited amount of ads in your ebook. Many companies will pay you to put an ad in your ebook. However, there is a very fine line between making money through ads and losing money due to too many unprofessional ads. Try to make your ads blend into your ebook and make them relevant to the subject matter too.

Most importantly with ebooks, always be thinking of new ways in which you think you could distribute them or use them to profit. Creativity is a key part of a successful ebook marketing campaign.

For more information on this subject or about making money online go to []

Free ebooks that you can give away to promote your website can also be found at this address.


William Johnston


Article Source:
Article Source:

Barbara J. Shelton’s Review of “Springtime in Savannah” by Gail Warner

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It seemed a normal spring morning in Savannah until Jonathan Rayburn heard an angelic voice on Monterey Square. Within moments of setting eyes upon the exceptionally beautiful Keri McGuire, he welcomed her to his beloved city and into his heart. In the days ahead, his faith is severely tested because of one homeless man and a civil lawsuit. Daniel Stanton, a busy attorney in St. Augustine, arrived at Mrs. Quinn’s home, questioning why his father’s client has requested his legal advice. One portrait upstairs caught his attention; one nearly identical portrait in the music room captured his wishful thoughts. Never in his life had he been so disappointed when he actually met the granddaughter from Milwaukee. While Laura Martin challenged his ethics, he prayed to be a man of conviction.



It was a surprise to me that more reviews hadn’t been written on this beautifully composed story about Springtime in Savannah by Gail Warner.  Truly, this story does not stand alone – but of several stories skillfully intertwined to keep the reader drawn in.  Each story has the possibility of being complete as one – but to include so many well defined characters, each with different personalities and problems, was done with proficient cleverness by Ms. Warner.

The author went deep into research on the history of Savannah, as well as interesting facts that I would never have known without reading this novel.  At times, I felt I was reading a travelogue which made the scenery in my mind vivid through the color of illustrious scripting.  The story is lengthy – and never boring.

What can I say about this story that wouldn’t add spoilers to future readers?  My heart was warmed by the conversions to faith in Jesus.  Some of the characters were idiosyncratic and unlikeable.  I fell in love with those characters that were fun in spite of themselves.  My compassion lay with the emotionally and physically abused with admiration for their passion to change their lives through Christ.  The love interests were enthralling and romantic.  Budding romance was proven unpredictable in the length of time and adversities the couples faced.  I sensed this author was emotionally involved with her characters, as I also felt.  Her characters and situations were so real that I found myself praying for those in the story that continued to sin and live evilly.  It felt silly to pray – Gail had already decided their outcome!  Will there be hope for these individuals in Gail’s story?  You’ll be amazed as you watch God working in the lives of all under the pen of Gail Warner. 

Ms Warner shows herself a person of deep faith in God; in tune with reality of our world today and historically, and that she is intelligent and capable of sculpting words with such an inspiring touch.  Gail is an accomplished author that I will follow and look forward to her future publications.  Whew, I got through this review without spoilers….so if you want to meet the characters, learn the answers, take a guided tour of Savannah – history included –  you’ll need to get you own copy!


Gail Ann Warner

Gail Warner’s parents joined the family of God five years before she was born, and they faithfully attended a large rural Nazarene Church named Richfield, near Flint, Michigan. For thirty-five years, Gail’s varied roles as a minister’s wife brought her great fulfillment and opportunities to witness for Christ. With fond memories, she recalls the years in a parsonage setting, where she and her husband, Richard, raised three outstanding daughters. Gail finds joy in traveling with their family, singing in a quartet, working in her flower garden, participating in Beth Moore Bible studies, and connecting with friends on Facebook. Though she is a five-time cancer survivor, she thanks God for giving her good health. Gail lives with her husband in Illinois, but because of Eugenia Price’s novels, she has a love for historical places.


Springtime in Savannah

Inspirational Tuesdays: Gems from Pastor Jim by Jim Hughes

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Jim Hughes

Ps. 25:10 The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness all those who keep his covenant and obey his decrees.

Many of us today believe that once we are saved, the rest is up to God. We can rest and not worry about it if we sin because grace covers our sins. Yet, the Word declares over and over again that we have an active role to play in our salvation. We must keep His covenant and decrees. We must obey the Lord. We must not allow sin to take hold of us. We must work out our salvation. Transformation takes place at Calvary that is life changing. We get rid of our sinful ways of living and take on the righteous living of Christ. The fact that we are indeed saved is seen in how we live.

If we don’t allow this transformation to take hold of our souls, we have no right to expect God to continue to pour out His love on us and faithfully keep us safe from sin and its consequences. For a believer to continue to freely sin is a mockery of what Jesus did for us at Calvary. The Lord is our righteousness and holiness from God and He cannot dwell in a sinner’s heart.

Our works cannot save us nor can they keep us safe in the arms of Jesus, but they are an essential part of our Christian walk. Our obedience and submission to Christ is measured by what we do and don’t do. The meat and bones of holiness is our living.

The Lord never fails to lead His children faithfully in love. He will never take us in a direction that will lead us away from Him. He will never ask us to do anything that He knows we can’t do or is not best for us. He will never stop working in us and on us as we walk humbly before Him. The Lord always has His children on His mind and heart. He will never leave or forsake those walking with Him.

The Lord will lead us, but He won’t drag us against our will.
C Through Marriage
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Author Interview: 10 Questions With Ada Brownell

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Our interview today is with Ada Brownell. Thank you Ada for being here today and for agreeing to do this interview.

Question: What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?

Answer: A deep hunger for the Word from a young age, the resulting study, and being in the House of God whenever it was open, prepared me to write for Christian publications and to write Christian non-fiction books. I earned a certificate of ministry from Berean School of the Bible (now Global University).

Long ago I completed two major courses, Dorothy C. Haskin’s “Writing for Christian Publications,” and “Fiction Writing,” from New York School of Writing; and have a B.S. Degree in mass communications.
Being a journalist on the medical beat for seven years picking physicians brains and writing about the latest research helped with Swallowed by Life, Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal. In that book I go into the physical evidence that shows we’re more than a body.

Teaching and working with church youth most of my life, plus my years as a newspaper reporter, gave me a background for Imagine the Future You. I interviewed Miss America and other beauty queens, wrote about fashion, medical articles, stories on young scholastic achievers, musicians; but also wrote about problems they face, such as addictions, gangs, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide, delinquency and crime.

In my church teaching years, I usually always had a packed house whether as a youth leader or in a high school or college class, and to this day I hear from people who grew spiritually because of my influence. But that glory is the Lord’s.
In my free-lance articles, stories and books, I often use personal testimony, research, quotes from experts, true illustrations, scripture.

Question: Tell us a little about your “real” (Non-writing) life — family, job, church life. Does it give you inspiration for your writing? Does it get in the way of your writing, or are there times when you get help, from people or circumstances?

Answer: Someone told me a long time ago if you don’t embrace life, you have nothing to write about. In high school I won best actress in a one-act play contest and judges took me aside afterward and told me I could go to Hollywood as a comedian. I have phases where I naturally turn to the hilarious, mostly stories on me. But life has a way of bringing in the serious. My husband and I have five children (one of them in heaven).

Yet, I have abundant life. My husband was a telegraph operator for the railroad when we married in the 1950s, and we had a great time moving all over the Colorado mountains. We lived in a railroad boxcar once, in a train depot, a log cabin on top of Tennessee Pass, and spent five years in the Utah desert. We moved so often we met dozens and dozens of wonderful people, especially in the churches we attended. God sent a beautiful Christian lady to help me in Utah in the town of 100 population, three bars and no church, and we started a Sunday school in the schoolhouse.

I was the youngest of an almost destitute family, refugees from the Kansas Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, but after my oldest sister accepted the Lord as Savior, everyone else followed and our house was full of joy and singing. I’ve spent my life playing the piano or organ in church, and singing in trios. My life has been blessed.
The Bible talks about “joy unspeakable and full of glory” and “rivers of living water” and I experienced that. We are joyful our children and grandchildren serve God.

Question: Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction?

Answer: I love people and hearing their stories. I love to read, play games, and spent many years playing tennis and enjoying swimming. We love fixing up houses, decorating, touring model homes, and my husband built two beautiful houses.

Now as a senior citizen, we walk, enjoy family and other people, and love being in church and worshiping the Lord.

Question: Since you have several books out, tell us what you think works for promotion. What are your thoughts on ebooks versus print books and different ways to let people know about you and your books?

Answer: Book signings where you’re well known are great, but with the trend toward e-books, you don’t sell many on the spot, but you can raise awareness about your brand and your book. Using free days on Amazon is a good booster for ratings and getting the word out. Newsletters and News Releases work well in keeping people knowledgeable about your latest success. I think you have to use Social Media even if it doesn’t increase sales much. If nothing else, you need to get your name and book titles out there.

Question: Have you done anything writing-related, but besides your books, that seemed to get a lot of positive response? Something that encouraged you?

Answer: I met a man several years later who read a newspaper column I wrote about our daughter’s homegoing and he told me he’s never forgotten it. People accepted the Lord because of articles I’ve written. One editor used to put my pieces for the unsaved on the back of The Pentecostal Evangel. A writer doesn’t know how many are touched or encouraged. It’s different from having a captive audience where you can see and often receive response. It’s nice, though, some readers submit reviews.

Question: Tell us about your newest book. Make us want to read it.

Answer: Imagine the Future You is a motivational Bible study for youth.

Will you be the person you dream of being—or someone from your nightmares?

You don’t need a fortune teller to reveal your future. You are the person who determines who you will be, what your life will be like, and how your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

Today is the time to IMAGINE and to create an action plan for your future.

  • How harnessing your will can make you a champion
  • How to make valuable deposits into your mind, detoxify harmful information in the brain, and avoid brain washing
  • How to look and be your best
  • How to connect with Someone who will make a difference in your life
  • How who you marry changes everything
  • How to avoid traps that jeopardize your future
  • Where you want your name to appear
  • Why you can believe God is there and interested in your tomorrows
  • Examples of people who grabbed their future and held on

This book will show how to make the right connections, how to grow you talents, and how to begin believing in yourself and things greater than yourself—for a wonderful Future You!


Question: What is the “message” of your writing? (For example, is your purpose to encourage old-fashioned values, encourage romance, or do you have different purposes in different books?)

Answer: My writing encourages others to accept Jesus as Savior, turn from sin, and live victorious through Christ. With Confessions of a Pentecostal, the message is God still does miracles and is with us no matter what. The theme of Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult is God answers prayer. For Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal I want readers to know if we accept Jesus as Savior we’ll live forever—and physical evidence from science and medicine testify we’re more than a body. The theme for Imagine the Future: God loves you and has a plan for your life here and for eternity that will bring “joy, peace, and abundant life.”

Confessions of a Pentecostal

Joe the Dreamer

Swallowed by Life

Question: Share something that makes you laugh, with just plain humor, or happiness, or because it’s so stupid.

Answer: When we lived in two-mile-high Leadville, Colo., in a mobile home, my husband worked out of town and I turned off the water in the bath tub he’d left running to keep the water from freezing. I awoke in the middle of the night to a loud sucking noise when my mother-in-law flushed the toilet. I forgot to turn the water back on. Without telling my mother in law, because she’d ask me forty times a day if the water was running, I threw a fake fur coat over my nightie, pulled on boots without socks, and sneaked out into the night with a fusee (a gadget like a small torch) and matches.

We had about two feet of snow. I made a tunnel to the pipes under the home with a broom, crawled through on my elbows, and discovered I got the matches wet. I backed out.

When I touched the doorknob to get inside, my bare hand stuck. Finally I got it loose and pulled, but the door wouldn’t open. Some of the deep snow on top of the mobile home melted, ran down the sides and froze the door shut. I tried and tried, prayed, but finally had to ring the doorbell. My mother-in-law pushed and I pulled (the door swung outward) until the ice cracked and I got inside.
Next time I put on socks, ski pants, sweaters, a hat, gloves, and I thawed the pipes. I left the door open a crack and got back inside, thankful to be warm and the plumbing wasn’t ruined.

The next morning I learned it had been 30-below zero F. outside that night.

Question: What’s your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!

Answer: The Lady Fugitive, an historical romance, is almost ready to go. I plan to go through it one more time and submit it.

Question: How many books do you have out?

Answer: Four. Imagine the Future You; Joe the Dreamer: The castle and the Catapult; Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal; and Confessions of a Pentecostal, out of print but now available as an e-book.

Question: What are your future projects?

Answer: Sequels to my novels and more books in my Dynamite Decisions for Youth series.

Thanks, Russell, for having me as your guest.

Contact Ada Brownell:

Ada Brownell

Blog/website: Stick-to-Your-Soul Encouragement
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The Patchwork Quilt by Paula Rose Michelson

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Lord, I am just a patchwork quilt made up of scraps and bits.

Colors that may or may not harmonize,

Fragments of most any size,

Sewn together with starts and fits.

Some may look at me and see the treasure of the years,

And realize that the seamstress chose fabric that was near and dear.

Others may see a shabby relic of the past,

And wonder why anyone would put forth the effort to make my fabric last.

But, You ‘Oh Creator of us all’

Know that in my life You have a heart call.

For You are the thread that holds together all,

The bright, the faded, the large, and the small.

I know that even though I am frayed and worn and some of my stuffing is torn,

In my present condition, I am a gift of your love.

May I be used to minister to those who need to hear of You enthroned above.

For without the threat of redemption that forms each perfect stitch,

Life would have no meaning, and pain would have no glitch.

Each trial woven into my faded tapestry,

Is another reminder of how great your love is for me.

Greater than the care of the weaver who fashioned each piece of cloth

From whose fragments, I was made.

For, when I received Your son by faith, my life itself you saved.

So let me step out in faith

To assume the mantle of change,

Let me put all my trust in You

As the fabric of my life, You rearrange.

Strengthen me for Your service. Keep me dedicated to Your cause.

Remind me that I was created to follow Your Godly laws.

Allow me to continually glorify You as You change me into something new,

Replete with an anointing that will last my whole life through.

Now when others see me, a new creation I will be.

But, underneath the memory of the patchwork quilt they will see.

And when they ask me of the ministry they have profited from,

I will tell them of Your calling, and Your Only Son.

For in duplicating my life’s call,

Eventually each Patchwork Quilt will become,

Heavenly tapestries,

Your glory to share with all as we Your Son, recall!

Paula Rose Michelson 2001

Author Bio:

Paula Rose Michelson

Paula Rose Michelson’s journey from fear to faith in Messiah and her awareness that the Lord turned her, “darkness into light” (2 Samuel 22:29), as she took, “every thought captive unto Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5), thus daily having her thoughts, “transformed by the renewing of (her) mind”, (Romans 12:2), lead her to found LAMB Ministries in 1988. She continues to call her to help women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of Scripture and prayer.

Her books: Christian romance with a Messianic twist and a hint of history, nonfiction recovery, and political satire stem from her belief that God is in control.

She is the wife of Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Field Missionary, Ron Michelson. The mother of two married daughters, and grandmother of seven grandchildren, when not involved in ministry, writing, speaking, or teaching the effective use Scripture, you will find Paula researching her next book or meeting with friends.
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Proverbs Chapter 8 by Mary Findley

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Proverbs Chapter Eight is absolutely amazing. We try to read through Proverbs day by day each month and this one just stops me in my tracks every time.

Why does God say that wisdom is a woman? I don’t know. A friend commented on the fact that Proverbs is mostly advice from father to son. Yet we have this personification (a literary device where an abstract concept is treated like a person) of Wisdom in many places as a woman. She’s stretching out her hands, she’s going around to the high or chief places, she’s standing at the crossroads, and here in Chapter Eight, she’s shouting at the top of her lungs right in front of the city gates. You can’t miss her! Or can you?

She is talking to men, apparently, like most of Proverbs does, but I think we women can listen in. As long as we can handle being called simple and fools like the men. Our culture today tends to depict women as smarter than men, but only this woman, Wisdom, really has the right to call men fools, and I think women better humble their hearts and listen up as well.

“Be ye of an understanding heart!” She cries in verse five, after calling her audience fools. Boy, these listeners better gather the shreds of humility the “I’m OK, You’re OK” secularist world has left them. Do not get all hurt and walk away from this, men and women alike. “Excellent things” are coming. “Right things.” Wisdom is going to speak truth, and her lips can’t stand wickedness. She also promises that what she says is going to be “plain,” and “right.” She’s going to speak righteousness only. The only catch is that you have to “understand” it. It might seem contradictory that Wisdom calls you a fool in one verse and then expects you to understand her in another, but that’s the way it is with believers sometimes. We’re still struggling with that sin nature, but the Holy Spirit still lives in us to teach us and give us understanding if we let Him. You don’t need silver. You don’t need gold. You
need instruction straight from the mouth of Wisdom herself. In the ancient world rubies were the most valuable gemstone. You don’t even need them. No comparison. You need this.

When I get to heaven, I want to ask what “witty inventions” are to make sure, but I think for now I’ll settle for understanding that phrase as the ability to come up with good ideas.

People complain about the very thought of “fearing the Lord.” God is a God of love, isn’t he? He is to be loved and feared, like a dad who would do anything for you but is not going to let you get away with being a fool. So stop complaining and listen. Hate evil, hate pride. What’s a “froward mouth”? One that says vulgar, crude, bad, wrong things. Especially when you say them just because it’s entertaining to vulgar, crude, bad people. Why exactly do you want to impress them again? You don’t.

You want to be a counselor. You want to be strong. You want to tell kings and princes and judges how to rule, how to be just. You want honor and “durable riches.” Wisdom has a revenue-sharing plan that can’t be beat. Her dividends are eternal. Those that love wisdom will “inherit substance.” Not talking about material wealth here. You might get that, or you might not, but what you get from Wisdom will last forever.

Who is this Wisdom anyway? What’s her authority for telling us what to do? How’s older than the oldest of God’s works strike you as a tried and true source of solid teaching? Wisdom predates Creation. She witnessed it all, and starting with verse seven she shares her view of it unfolding before her delighted eyes. Depths of oceans and canyons, fountains of water, mountains, hills, earth, fields, even dust gets a mention. She was before it all, and saw it all come to be. Wisdom saw how God arranged and organized things from the beginning, setting boundaries, defining limits. Wisdom is like God’s best friend, watching Him do it all, right there by His side all the way, rejoicing that God made a habitation for man, and, once again, delighted with that special, crowning creation of human beings.

So Wisdom’s got the right to speak to man, to call us her children, to say, “Listen up!” Don’t refuse her instruction. Yes, you’re struggling with sin, with the pride that says, “I don’t have to listen to you!” But that’s what she’s there for, to tell you what to do. She’s God’s best friend, and she’s yours, too. That’s why she’s yelling at the top of her lungs. That’s why you should be this guy (or girl).”Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD.” The consequences of being too proud to hear Wisdom’s voice are severe. “But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.”

About the Author:

Mary C. Findley

Wife of a crazy smart man, mother of three kind of grownups, traveling the US and Canada in a tractor-trailer. Best-selling historical fiction author of the Benny and the Bank Robber Adventure series, Send a White Rose, and Chasing the Texas Wind. Highly-rated nonfiction and homeschool titles also available.

All the Angels Stood, A YA Novella by Laura J. Marshall

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Back Cover Blurb:

This is the last week in Staci Schofield’s life. Her birthday is on Monday, which is also the day she plans to die. Poetic, seeing as her mother disappeared on the night of her own birthday. But when a popular guy from school, Rush, befriends Staci, will her plans change?

Rush sees demons clinging to Staci and nothing has worked so far to help her. What will make a difference in her life? A friend, an intercessor? How do you help someone move from ‘take my life’ to ‘Lord, preserve me’?

Quick Excerpt:

It was easier to hope for death than for life. Death was quick, easy, permanent. Life expected too much. Too many moments, hours, and days. They stretched out like the threat of unending pain and torture. Why should I care? Why should I want to care? My God, to live with myself that long, to struggle with doubts of my own sanity, always with the feeling of impending doom and overanalyzing each thought for signs of Mom’s illness. Dad would probably feel relief, in the end.

God. What of God? Where was He? This Jesus they had talked about at Grace Youth. Wow, they were really gung-ho about Him.

I laughed aloud but suddenly sobered. The wind picked up and blew my hair across my eyes. I heard a whisper. Was it my name on the wind?

99 Cents on Kindle and Nook

All The Angels Stood

Buy Links:


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Laura J. Marshall

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Gems from Pastor Jim by Jim Hughes for 11/26/2014

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Jim Hughes

Is. 56:1-2 “Be just and fair to all,” says the LORD. “Do what is right and good, for I am coming soon to rescue you. Blessed are those who are careful to do this. Blessed are those who honor my Sabbath days of rest by refusing to work. And blessed are those who keep themselves from doing wrong.”

Want to honor the Lord in your living? The Lord gives us three things to do here that will honor Him. We are to be just and fair. This reminds us that how we treat others does matter. Being just means that we don’t treat people in ways they don’t deserve to be treated. We honor the Lord’s admonition to be loving and gracious. When it becomes necessary to punish someone for the wrongs they have done, we don’t cower away from it. It is only fair that people be punished for the wrongs they do, but when we do it, we do it out of love and not vengeance. The goal should always be to motivate others to repent and change their ways, to restore them to good standing before God and man.

It also honors the Lord when we honor the Lord’s Day. Now I know that there is a tremendous amount of disagreement in the church over what this means in practical terms and I don’t want to upset anyone or stir up a debate. What I do want to do is to challenge you to think about what the Lord’s Day is designed to do for us. Scripture says that when God had finished His labors of creation, He rested on the seventh day. I don’t believe it was because He was tired, but it was because He had completed His work, it was good, and there was nothing else for Him to do to make it better. He wants us to take the time to reflect on the works He has done, to appreciate them and to understand that what He did and continues to do is for our good and His glory.

He admonishes us to rest from our labors one day a week because He knows that we are not Him; we need the rest. We get weary from our labors physically, mentally and emotionally and it affects our souls. God knows that when man is always working, he is not paying attention to his soul like he needs to. Whatever you do on the Lord’s Day, take the time to refresh your soul, to be holy before God. You need the Lord more than anything your labors on earth may accomplish for you.

It also honors the Lord when we keep ourselves from doing wrong. What we do does matter to God. Sin affects our relationship with God. It keeps God at arm’s length in our souls. We can never be right with God as long as we allow ourselves to sin against God. It is never okay with God when we wander into sin. When God’s children sin, it insults God. It brings shame not only upon us, but it dishonors His holy name. Sin in our hearts keeps God’s blessings at bay in our lives. We must heed the admonition of God to be holy, even as He is holy.

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Torn Asunder by Alana Terry

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Synopsis: After graduating from the Secret Seminary, Hannah and Simon are ready to return to their homeland. Their training has equipped them to carry the gospel to a country ravaged by darkness and despair. If necessary, they’re even prepared to face the North Korean labor camps, but the hardest part of their mission isn’t the hunger, cold, and incessant danger. The hardest part is cutting off contact with one another.

In this world of spies, secret police, and informants, staying together might not just compromise their ministry. It could cost them both their lives.

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