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Book Spotlight: Romans: Daily Devotionals Volume 23

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by Russell Sherrard

Book Spotlight


Daily Devotionals Volume 23

by James Hughes


Romans: Daily Devotionals Volume 23

Romans: Daily Devotionals Volume 23

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Romans is a book that clearly presents sin as an abomination to God and worthy of His judgment. We are all guilty of sinning against God, but God did something about it; He died on the cross for our sins.

The Apostle Paul makes it very clear what sin is. He explores the conflict it generates in the soul. And, in Romans the Jews and Gentiles are contrasted and brought together in Christ.

Romans offers us many challenges to how we live and makes it clear that only living in Christ will make us acceptable to God.
It is my prayer that this devotional book will challenge and help you to a deeper walk in Christ.

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Inspirational Monday: Gems From Pastor Jim

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by Jim Hughes

CrossProv. 13:6 Godliness helps people all through life, while the evil are destroyed by their wickedness.

It is good for a person to live a godly life. Godliness gives a person a whole different perspective on living. The godly understand life to be more than what is experienced at the moment. They understand that life has a purpose far beyond life lived on earth. They know that there is much more to enjoy about life than the temporary pleasures found on earth. They know what it is like to not be at odds with God. They are at peace with themselves. The godly know that God is not some vague reality unattached from human life. They experience life as God intended for man to experience it. They have a sure foundation upon which to stand. They are guided by the hand of God and live by God’s holy standards.

On the other hand, an evil person lives in self-destruction. They are victims of their sinful choices. They are never at peace with either God or man. Mistrust plagues their living. They are driven by momentary pleasures. Their hope is built on whatever they are able to accomplish in this world. They are never satisfied, always needing a new fix to satisfy their needs. They have little real compassion for others, looking out for themselves at the expense of others. They are easily led away from the truth and often believe and live a lie. Evil people wreck havoc in the world and cause trouble wherever they go.

Godly people are humble and trainable. Evil people are stubborn and demand their own way. Godly people live by the Word of God while evil people live by the ways of the earth. God honors the life of the godly and rejects the ungodly. Yes, there are different degrees of wickedness, but it God’s eyes all who reject Him are among the wicked’

Everybody has a choice to make in life. They will either accept God’s offer of salvation and strive to live a godly life, or they will reject Christ and live a wicked life. No one can escape from having to choose. Godly living is all about daily choices. We must choose to live by God’s rules or to disobey Him and open the door for wickedness to enter in. Godliness takes constant vigilance over one’s soul. Wise is he who daily chooses to live life God’s way.

Before and After the Honeymoon

About the Author:

Jim Hughes

Spending his formative years in Ft. Wayne, IN, Jim followed the love of his life to southeast Iowa where they married and have spent the majority of their lives. Jim has pastored several churches throughout his life and has worked many years in local factories to help support his family. The father of two married adult children and one son still at home, Jim is a first-time author.

C Through Marriage came into being through many years of pastoral and life experiences. The book first took on a life of its own over 20 years ago when I sought to address the much publicized moral failures of prominent leaders in the church. In the chapter on Chasity, I include the guideliness that I developed then to protect one’s self from such failures.

I am a firm believer in order to make sense out of life you have to use much common sense. We need to get back to the basics of what has worked for many, many generations. If is isn’t broke, why try to fix it? I strive to return to the basics of what really works in all my writings.

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Book Spotlight: Genesis: Book of Beginnings

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by Russell Sherrard

Book Spotlight
Genesis: Book of Beginnings
by Russell Sherrard

Genesis: Book of Beginnings


This book is a Bible Study of the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. The Bible text used for this study is the King James Version (KJV). This Book is the first book in the Series entitled Journey Through the Bible.

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Mid-Week Inspiration: Peace

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by Russell Sherrard

Mid-Week Inspiration

“When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be a peace with him.”


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This site contains Third Party Advertising, using online behavioral tracking technology. Some of the links in the post above are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Author Support Services: Quality Services at Reasonable Prices!

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Author Support Services

Author Support Services is the Authors Place to Get Help. This is my effort to help my fellow authors. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen some of my tweets that I have started tweeting. I have created a web page at

Some of the services I offer are:

Format eBook This involves formatting an eBook for the Kindle and its various apps. Your input can be text, Word, or html and I can convert those formats to a nicely formatted Kindle eBook. All content must be the way you want it before formatting. If it has images within the eBook the images must be the way you want them to appear in the eBook. I am not a graphics editor. $50 to $75 depending upon complexity.

PDF – Do you need a PDF of your eBook? This format allows you to give a free review copy to get reviews of your book. You can also sell this format on your web site. This comes free with all formatting customers.

I can create a Linked Table of Contents for your eBook. $5.

  • Do you need a PDF of your manuscript to give out as review copies?

Format eBook ContentThis comes FREE with all Formatting customers but If you want one without being a formatting customer it is $25.

  • Twitter Marketing for your book or eBook (three plans)

MarketingI will tweet out your ebook/book every day for 1 month for $1/day. I have 3,400+ followers on Twitter.

I will tweet one of your ebook/book 5 times in one day for $5. If you want more than one day it is $5 per day.

Ongoing basis – 4-5 tweets 5 times a day for a month – $45… and you can order more than one month.

  • Facebook Marketing for your book or eBook

MarketingI will post about your ebook/book to 21 of the more popular reader/writer groups for $1/day. More than 1 day available.

I will submit your web site URL up to 873 search engines. Number of sites submitted to will depend on Category chosen. I will supply a report of sites submitted to and sites not submitted to and the reason for not being submitted. $10 for one submission. Multiple submissions available at $10 p/day.

  • Need a cover for your book or ebook?

Book Cover DesignsI can do covers for both eBooks and print books. The price of a single cover is $50 for an ebook. For a print/ebook package including banner, Facebook cover and bookmark/rack card the price is $150.

  • Line Editing suggestions for improving story, plot, characters. look for spelling, grammar, punctuation

Line Editing ServicesWe make suggestions for improving story, plot, characters. We look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, continuity. $20 for 10,000 words. So for 100,000 words it would be $200.

Free eBook ServicesFree Services – If you have a book release, want to do an Author Interview, or Character Interview, my blog is available for this free of charge. For the Author Interview, I have a set of 20 questions but you only have to answer 10 that you are most comfortable with. You can also include your author pic, any images of your books, any reviews that you are especially proud of, and any contact information. For the Character Interview you provide the questions and answers. For the book release, please provide your info and we will take it from there.

eMail me at russellsherrard at reagan dot com and ask questions and tell us how we can help you.

Author Interview of Carol L. Parsons

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Today we have an Author Interview with Carol L. Parsons. Thank you very much for being here today, Carol and for agreeing to do this interview.

1. What is the “Message” of your writing? (For example, is your purpose to; encourage old-fashioned values, encourage romance, or do you have different purposes in different books?)

My message in my books is, and always will be, to encourage people to be the best they can be. My first book; “From Hobby to Business” was written to show artist, craft lovers, and entrepreneurs how to create an income from doing what they love to do, and to take it to that next level. My second book; “Manic Success” was written to encourage readers to go for their dreams, reach new heights, and overcome the obstacles that may stand in their way. And now my newest book; “Reaching the Mountain Top” is written to inspire the reader to wait upon God for the strength they need to overcome any challenge they may be facing.

Manic Success

From Hobby to Business

2. Have you done anything writing-related, besides your books that seemed to get a lot of positive response, something that encouraged you?

Oh Yes, I have written materials for various workshops and speaking events that were all well received. I also wrote newsletters for churches and non-profit organizations. One of my favorites to write and my reader’s favorites was a monthly article I wrote for a church newsletter. It was called “News from Box-Elder-Bug”. It gave inspirations and insights to church members from the viewpoint of the smallest church elder; the box-elder-bug. People would say they hated having to wait for the next month to read more from the Bug. One lady told how she would wait at her mailbox for her newsletter when it was time for Box-Elder to come. He was a huge success.

3. What’s the worst trouble you ever had with getting a book written, (plots, finding needed information, getting a cover done)?

A few weeks ago I was working on the cover for my newest book. I could have used a cover template to create the cover with a stock image. But that was not an option for me because I knew I wanted to use the art work my son had drawn for me. I am not real computer savvy. And it needed to be a JPEG with a resolution of 300dpi, and a certain size of pixels. Those terms were a different language to me. I needed to learn what these terms meant and how to make the changes. I tried so many different ideas using MS Paint. I finally ended up downloading an online calculator that changes from inches to pixels. Then I saved the picture to a JPEG. Next I had to download another program to change the “dpi” resolution. It was hard for me and the more I tried the more frustrated I got. Once it was completed I felt so relieved. But that relief was short lived, as the next instruction was to upload a picture of the author. And of course it was the wrong size, not a JPEG, and not the right dpi resolution. Here we go again…

Breaking The Mountain Tops

4. What is the best thing about being an Author?

For me being an author has given me a sense of purpose again. In 2002 I was diagnosed as being bi-polar. It came after years of lost jobs, broken commitments, and drastic mood swings. Because of my illness it is very hard to find or keep a job. I have cycles when I sleep for days and cannot concentrate or do normal living activities, when I am awake. Then I also have manic cycles where I go for days without sleep, not eating or able to capture all my racing thoughts. As an Author I can work around my moods and take advantage of those racing thoughts to create a work of art that I can be proud of, and it can be used to encourage others.

5. If you could go to one place and write, where would it be and why?

If I could go anywhere to write, I would go to the Holy Lands and sit along a riverbank under a shade tree and write as the Lord Inspires. I hope that I would feel His presence so dearly that I would have trouble keeping up with all my thoughts. I know I would be blessed beyond compare, to sit where Jesus had traveled.

6. Morning or Night, which is the best and why?

Definitely night, I have said many times that an author is nocturnal. Most mornings I get off to a slow start. I play on my computer for hours. But by late afternoon I catch the writers bug and I can’t quit. I get on a roll and I can’t stop until I get every last ounce of creative writing onto paper. More times than I care to admit I get writing and see the sun come up.

7. What advice do you have for other Authors?

Write, and believe in yourself.

8. What do you hope readers take away from this book?

In any book that I write, I hope the reader will be encouraged to change in a way that will drive them toward their greatest potential. My book “Reaching the Mountain Top” is no different. It is my prayer that the readers will be inspired to wait upon God, Let God renew their strength, and to realize that God does not need them, He wants them.

9. What is your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!

My book “Reaching the Mountain Top” will be out in E-book format in May of 2016 and in paperback in June 2016. It is based on Isaiah 40:31. It ask why you would want to settle with the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains, when you can wait upon God and have the abundant faith that will let you rise above the mountains in your life. It is written for anyone that is facing a challenge in their life. Everyone has mountains; some are fighting an addiction, getting over divorce, dealing with an illness or the death of a loved one. No matter what the mountain is the answer comes from waiting upon God: Reaching the Mountain Top shows you how to do just that. It’s a great book for individual study and great for a Bible study group.

Breaking The Mountain Tops



10. Pose a question for our readers to answer…

My question for your readers is a 3 part question; A. What do you feel is your purpose in life? B. What is keeping you from it, if anything? C. How can I help you to reach your fullest potential?

About the Author:

Carol L. ParsonsCarol was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a Mother of 3, a Grandmother of 7, and Doggymom to 1. She is also the Owner/ Designer for Crafters Corner Café, an organization formed for Art Lovers around the world. She started out as a lone artist wanting to connect with other Authors, Artist, Craft lovers, and other art enthusiast. She loves to write, quilt, and crochet.

She decided to start a blog. Soon followed the Crafters Corner Café Google + Community. Within the first 3 months it exceeded over 500 members of like minded artist wanting to share their work, ask questions, and share advice. And it continues to grow daily.

In the past Carol has owned businesses, was a Realtor, Para-Educator, Barber, Public Speaker and Homeschooled her children. She has also been in sales while holding all these other positions. Now she has decided to share her experiences and training to inspire and encourage others to reach their dreams. Carol currently lives in Perry, Iowa with her very spoiled poodle Sissy, also known as the mascot for Crafters Corner Café.

“I have truly been blessed with our community and my blog and
I continue to want to share with others, so they too may be blessed”

How to contact me:

My Author page on amazon kindle;

My Blog;

My Facebook Page:

My web-site;

Twitter account for people to follow me;

LinkedIn for CCC;

Article: eBook Writing, My Way by Geronimo Rubio

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BooksLately I have been doing a lot of research on eBook writing which can be used to create huge profits for you if you do all your homework and produce something of value or it can just bring readers to your page if that is what your looking for. So today I am going to lay down some of the basics of eBook writing.

Like any book, an interesting cover will attract the eye of people. This includes the title of the book being very important. But it isn’t the cover that keeps them. Most people will sit and read a few paragraphs to see if it is either exciting, informative or interesting enough for them to buy the book. If a reader is reading the book and begins to skip lines (You know what I mean) like they are on line two of a paragraph and skip to the next paragraph before finishing the first paragraph, chances are that they don’t like what they are reading. They will also, sometimes scan through the indexed content or chapters to see if they find something that they can relate to or are interested in.

Well eBook writing is the same with the exception that eBook covers are not what usually catches the readers attention it is the Title of the eBook. Yes, the cover or graphic you have to display your eBook may attract the reader, but not in most cases.

eBooks are not just to produce a new product for launch like an online program to help people make money online with certain techniques, it can be a FREE eBook giveaway to promote a niche or a product you have a campaign about.

As I see it there are several rules to writing eBooks and I will write about each one that seem important to me. This is not for everyone, it is my opinion and I don’t guarantee any results from following my tactics of writing eBooks. This is just to give people a basic understanding of eBook writing (BTW, these are also good tips for Article writing without affiliate links. Most article submission sites don’t like affiliate links.) So with that said, here we go:


Now this is a place where most people get stuck. And of course if your not the writing type and your doing this for a niche (Product your promoting or affiliate marketing) then it can be a task looked upon as very difficult. But remember, if your writing an eBook (Electronic Book) then this means that you have access to a computer and Internet. So in turn, it becomes a little easier. You have the world right at your finger tips to do all the research you need. For me this is the most difficult and boring part…lol. writing about it is easy. A few suggestions: First, what are the reasons for this eBook: Profits, Enjoyment, Teaching. Whatever it may be figure this out first. If this doesn’t help make a list of things you enjoy e.g. Hobbies, Sports, Trades, etc. One other thing you can do is make a list of things you know well and can do for hours or talk about for hours because basically, a eBook is just your words in a computer generated book. So the more you know, the more you like the subject, or the more you believe in the product or subject the better the book will turn out and the easier it is to produce and sell.


This part takes the longest and can be very time consuming, but with proper keyword searches it can go pretty fast. Then there’s the matter of compiling the information into a effective or attractive format to your readers. Now if your an expert on the subject, all the better. This will make the task of research much easier.

For Profit –

If your writing for profit, One thing I do recommend when doing your research, if at all possible (unless it’s a completely new subject or type of product), get some content in your eBook that talks about how good the product/s or subject/s your talking about is. Some testimonials from other authors, teachers, etc. that will justify your words of wisdom or your products. Now if your doing this eBook for a certain niche (Affiliate Product/s) and don’t know to much about the product/s, find everything you can to help you gain knowledge of the product/s (Affiliate Campaigns). This will help you for one, know if the product/s is any good, two, familiarize you with the product/s and three, give you writing material to promote the product/s. Research for a new product like an eBook for teaching people how to do something and it’s for profit, your research will be different. You must research your competitors sites, one, to help you know your competition and who they are and their techniques (If you can find the information or may already have purchased it), two, to be able to explain with conviction how your product or eBook is better (In Detail if possible, comparisons) and three, build your Authority status by referring to several topics about your product in detail thus showing your readers and potential consumers you know what your talking about.

For Exposure –

This is the FREE eBook I mentioned earlier. This can either be a eBook to get people to buy your product/s (Promoted Affiliate Product/s) or interest them in a New product/s launch coming soon. It is also generally used on an opt-in page to create a email mailing list for further advertisements. Follow the steps above for this eBook as well.

For Pleasure –

This is easy. You don’t expect to make money in most cases and your basically writing about stuff you like whether it is teaching or a activity. Again, do some research on the subject as to add more content for your readers to have fun reading about what you like e.g. Hiking: Talk about all the places you have hiked and do some research on places you would like to go and hike so the reader will be interested in coming back to read more upon your next entry. Talk about some funny or embarrassing moments for laughs and stuff like this.


This is the most important part of the eBook. After you have chosen your subject and have done all your research you must then come up with a catchy or exciting title. A dull or boring title will have people just pass right by your eBook without a second glance. It is the second glance that draws them in. They see the title and then, BAMM, they have to look again. And now they want to know more about it. So really put a lot of effort into this part, because you only get one shot with each person on first glance. Of course if you spam the airwaves about your eBook and they see lots of articles about it they may come back, but the best shot you have is the first one, remember, First Impressions.


Now depending on the subject or product your writing about this will make a difference in your writing. If you go to a comedy club, you are expecting good comedians, right. So you are going their for entertainment and hopefully to get a good laugh. Same when writing your eBook, you must calculate who your targeted audience will be, if any e.g. youth, elders, sports, etc. In some cases you can leave it as targeted to the general public but not recommend. A more targeted audience will generate more income for you if this is what your eBook is about.


Now you can begin to build your structure of your book. You have the research, title and audience focus. Now it’s time to fill the body of the eBook. The way you structure your book will either captivate your readers or put them to sleep and we don’t want them sleeping half way through your ebook. Again there are a few different ways to structure your eBook.

For Profit or Exposure-

Promoting a product/s, it is necessary to keep them excited all the way through. Also, make sure to explain everything your talking about in simple,easy to understand words. Unless this is a High Tech eBook, complicated and big words are not necessary, the simpler the better (But not childish).

1. The Opening Statements or Product/Subject:

Be specific and very welcoming to your audience. Make them feel like you appreciated them and get them excited real quick. Give some details about yourself and some explanation about the Product/Subject before the pitch.

2. Your opinion about the Subject/s or Product/s:

This is where you give your expertise on what it is that you are writing about and testimonials to reinforce that structure. This is also where you can do some lite pitching about the Product/s or subject/s. Make sure you keep the excitement levels high here to draw them to the bottom of the page if they don’t hop on in the first lite pitch you spring on them.

3. Pictures:

It is also good to use some good visuals within your eBook to help your readers relate to your Product/s or Subject/s a little better. You can include pictures of your techniques, profits, software features and much more. I do recommend this as it adds to the professionalism of the eBook. A nice looking header at the top of your first page would be great as well.

4. Readable Content:

Make sure that you use a nice font like Verdana or Tahoma about 10 to 12 point for easy reading. It is important that the text is easy to read. This is for Profit, Exposure or Pleasure writing.

5. Helpfulness:

Make sure that your writings give the readers something that is helpful to them. If you help people you gain respect. Helpful tips are a great thing, it builds rapport with your readers. It also is good (If applicable) to make sure that if your book is about helping people that you recognize what their problems could be (According to the Topic) and you and address them in full detail. It will help you in the future if you ever recommend anything else or launch your own product someday, you will have a loyal audience to pitch to.

6. Legal Stuff:

Make sure that you let people know that you make no guarantees that the product creates success, you know the legal stuff. Everyone does things different, even if you let them know that following the program or product step by step will make them money, there are always situations that could and will arise that you have no control over and making 100% guarantees is a bit dangerous.

7. Affiliate Links:

If your doing this to sell Affiliate products, make sure you leave room to put your ads within your body content. Example. Your product is strategies and techniques for making money online. Leave a spot either for a text link, opt-in area that leads to the sale page or picture link for your products. You can also put other products to sell within the text body as well if you have several products. Make sure they are related in some way to each other.

8. Thank You:

Finish up with a thank you area expressing your thanks for them taking their time to download your eBook, purchase your eBook or your product/s. This is also a good place to show a few more of the products you have if any that you may not have shown through the other parts of the eBook.

For Pleasure –

1. You can follow the same structure, just leave out all the affiliate marketing talk. 2. Basically and intro of yourself, The body of your story and a ending with a Thank You to your readers. It really depends on what your doing with your eBook.


Go out and promote your eBook where you can, build a Pitch Page/Landing Page and use the same techniques you used in your eBook to keep the excitement going all through the page with testimonials, visuals, profits you made (If applicable) and an opt-in area if this is for a FREE eBook. Make some article write-ups, a Blog or Website or articles for further information about yourself, your eBook and other product/s you may be promoting. And now you can call yourself a genuine Author.

I know I may have left out something. But these are the most important things I came up with right at the moment. As I learn so will you (If you read my articles), this I can promise. I do research everyday in order to improve myself which will improve my families life. That is my goal, to improve my families present day living and future living. And if I help people along the way, thats just fine with me. Peace and GOD speed and good luck in all your endeavors.

Geronimo RubioGeronimo Rubio is a Affiliate marketer/Author in the business of Online Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. His website is a gathering of information for beginner and advanced marketers showing them the techniques being used in todays Online businesses. He offers links to FREE software, eBooks, his personal articles and his collection of information to help people along in their endeavors. He also makes available New and Older softwares and programs for purchase that have had success in the World of Affiliate Marketing and with work and persistence will help your Online Business grow. You can find his website here: or contact him here:

Wildfire by Zane Gray

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For some reason the desert scene before Lucy Bostil awoke varying emotions–a sweet gratitude for the fullness of her life there at the Ford, yet a haunting remorse that she could not be wholly content–a vague loneliness of soul–a thrill and a fear for the strangely calling future, glorious, unknown.

She longed for something to happen. It might be terrible, so long as it was wonderful.

This day, when Lucy had stolen away on a forbidden horse, she was eighteen years old. The thought of her mother, who had died long ago on their way into this wilderness, was the one drop of sadness in her joy.

Lucy loved everybody at Bostil’s Ford and everybody loved her. She loved all the horses except her father’s favorite racer, that perverse devil of a horse, the great Sage King…..

Read the rest of this exciting  story in PDF format for just $1.00!


Author Interview: 10 Questions with Ruthie Madison

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Our interview today is with Ruthie LovesJesus Madison. Thanks for being here today Ruthie and for agreeing to do this interview.

Ruthie Madison

Question: What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?

Answer: It seems like I have been writing stories for a long time. When I was younger, I wrote some Children’s stories, but they are lost. As I got older I started writing what I call wish fulfillment stories. Although my heroine always seem to be in some unfavorable situation, they always end up with a man in their life.

Question: Tell us a little about your “real” (Non-writing) life — family, job, church life. Does it give you inspiration for your writing? Does it get in the way of your writing, or are there times when you get help, from people or circumstances?

Answer: I live with my widowed mother and my older sister. I had my education in liberal arts, but I wasn’t able to get my teaching credential. (This is all on hold) So when I am not writing, I am shopping for family and or cooking for family. My whole family is Pentecostal—we attend Assemblies of God church when we can, when we can get a ride. It most definitely get in the way of my writing. I have to take the bus when I go shopping and it can take up to 2 hours. I am blessed enough to get help from people who knows I can’t afford much.

Question: Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction?

Answer: Would you believe writing? When I write, it is like I am in another world. I also enjoying singing, crocheting, reading and walking.

Question: Tell us about working with any people who help you create your books — Do you use Beta readers? Hire an editor or proofreader? How do you get your covers?

Answer: It seems like I have to. With my very first book, I used no oen and the end result was my book came out unprofessionally. Since I have been in groups on Facebook, I get told I need to hire an editor, then a proofreader and so forth. I wasn’t going to ask a beta reader for my upcoming book, my editor suggest I do. I also am finding out I can’t just use any photo I want because of copyright issues so I am asking people to do a cover for me

Question: Tell us about your newest book. Make us want to read it.

Answer: Jesus Paid it All is not your typical paranormal romance. It is very much Christian and it shows how a weak Christian can get out of the snare she is in. It is about one woman who was seduced by a Wiccan as well as her husband who was stationed in Afghanistan. It is all about a plot a brother and sister had in order to convince the main character’s husband to sign the divorce papers. Why? Darlene, the main character’s mother used to be a Wiccan, but because her mother left the coven, Darlene must take her mother’s place and marry the offspring of the witch who was jilted by her mother.

Question: What’s your next project? Tell us so we can’t wait for it to come out!

Answer: After Jesus Paid it All, it will be my first YA fiction called The Kalliwagans.

Question: What is your current WIP? Answer: Right now I am working on another version of A Second Chance at Love.

A Second Chance at Love

Question: How many books do you have out?

Answer: After Halloween, I should have three

Question: What is your favorite book/character?

Answer: My favorite book used to be A Second Chance at Love, but I am loving my latest one! It is the only one where I actually like the bad guy. 😀 (In this case Diethelm the Wiccan)

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Author Interview: 10 Questions with Ruth Kyser

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Our interview today is with Ruth Kyser. Thanks for being here today Ruth and for agreeing to this interview.

Ruth Kyser

Question: What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?

Answer: Over the years I have read thousands of Christian Fiction Books, especially Romance. Some of them are well written and others not so much. I particularly enjoy reading books that have happy endings, but tell stories of the characters’ struggles in everyday life. That is the type of book I write—books that I would enjoy reading. And all my books tell about God’s love for us and how he wants desperately to be a part of our lives. That is the whole purpose for my writing.

Question: Tell us a little about your “real” (Non-writing) life — family, job, church life. Does it give you inspiration for your writing? Does it get in the way of your writing, or are there times when you get help, from people or circumstances?

Answer: I work full-time as a Risk Manager/Insurance Agent. Because of that, I don’t have nearly the amount of time I would like to have to work on my writing projects. I do enjoy interaction with my clients though, and I think it’s important to still reach out to people in order to keep your writing ‘real’.

Question: Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction?

Answer: I enjoy a variety of hobbies including (but not limited to): reading, sewing, quilting, cooking and baking, and genealogy. I also love music and play the guitar and piano—although I’m not very proficient at either one!

Question: Since you have several books out, tell us what you think works for promotion. What are your thoughts on ebooks versus print books and different ways to let people know about you and your books?

Answer: This is a tough question to answer as the market tends to change so quickly, you have to pay attention to what it going on and try and keep up with it. I use’s free promotion days when I’m able to, plus I post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinetrest. eBooks are easy to promote through Social Media, and in today’s world, you have to use every chance you can to promote them. I think print books require a different type of marketing—more “going out to the people to sell” way of handling it. I’ve also printed up bookmarks and business cards which I hand out to people whenever I have the opportunity.

Question: Have you done anything writing-related, but besides your books, that seemed to get a lot of positive response? Something that encouraged you?

Answer: I’ve recently had several opportunities to speak to women’s church groups about my books, and even though I’m not a great public speaker, I’ve really enjoyed the chance to talk to real people about my passion for writing and using a gift I truly believe comes from God. I’m always encouraged by the interest and feedback I get at those speaking engagements. I love people and will talk about my writing any chance I get. My favorite part is at the end when I answer questions from the group!

Question: Tell us about your newest book. Make us want to read it.

Answer: My newest book (which I hope to have published VERY soon) is entitled, “The Whispering Sentinel”. It’s a contemporary Christian Romance with some mystery and some history thrown in for good measure. I would say it’s more of a ‘coming home’ sort of story, and is written based on some of my own childhood memories of visits to my Grandma’s house. There’s a lot happening in this book and I really hope my readers enjoy it as much as I’ve loved writing it!

Question: What is the “message” of your writing? (For example, is your purpose to encourage old-fashioned values, encourage romance, or do you have different purposes in different books?)

Answer: Several years ago I developed a Mission Statement which pretty much sums it up: “My goal is to write stories that entertain, but more importantly, educate readers about Jesus Christ and His love for them.”

Question: How many books do you have out?

Answer: I have four (almost five).

“The Dove and The Raven-A Christian Historical Romance”

The Dove and the Raven


“Endless Season” (which is a Christian Contemporary Romance)

Endless Season 

“True Cover” and “True Cover-Book 2-Bluecreek Ranch”

True Cover

True Cover 2


These two are Christian Romantic Suspense/Mystery novels and are a series.

Question: What are your future projects?

Answer: I’ve had several readers wanting a “True Cover” Book 3. I’m not sure if there will be one or not, but I’ve been working on a little story line in my head and we shall have to see where it goes. I really enjoyed writing the “True Cover” books, so who knows? There may be a book three in the future.

Question: What is your writing style?

Answer: I write without an outline. I know, I know—that’s not how they teach you to write. But before I ever put one word down on paper, I already have the whole story in my head, nicely plotted out. After I get it written, I just have to go back and fill in the backstories, research for settings, and fill in the empty blanks. I’m a ‘seat of the pants” writer. I sit down, and I write! And I have to tell you all, I love it!

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