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Any Trump Administration plan to provide extra money for school openings this fall should include a provision that districts which refuse to open or offer only virtual school the money would be translated into vouchers for parents who prefer full time schools.

My mother was a heroin and crack addict who died of renal kidney failure at the age of 47.

My father was a violent alcoholic who died in prison at the age of 50.

My only sibling was found dead face down in a pool of his own blood at the age of 30.

That's my "white privilege'.

NEVER in the HISTORY of the World, has the FUTURE OF ANY COUNTRY been more DEPENDENT upon the ACTIONS OF a PROSECUTOR than RIGHT NOW! Durham MUST RETURN INDICTMENTS against the DEEP STATE ACTORS that committed treason against @realDonaldTrump 2 RESTORE faith in OUR REPUBLIC!

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