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Book Spotlight: Exodus, The Departure From Egypt (Journey Through the Bible Book 3)

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Book Spotlight: Exodus, The Departure From Egypt
(Journey Through the Bible Book 3)
by Russell Sherrard

Exodus, the Departure from Egypt

The title “Exodus” means “going out”. It records the great numerical growth of the Israelites during their enslavement and oppression in Egypt. Moses emerges to lead God’s people from slavery to the Promised Land of Caanan. At Mt. Sinai, God gave Moses the laws which will form the basis for the Covenant between God and the new nation of Israel. They are summarized in the Ten Commandments. The book concludes with a description of the worship centered around the Tabernacle and the Law of Moses.

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New Release: Hide it In Your Heart

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by Annie Douglas Lima

More than just a coloring book, this inspirational activity book will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy some creative fun while hiding God’s Word in your heart. 

The 35 separate verses and passages are printed in colorable word art with decorative borders, blank on the back to make them easier to remove and frame or display, if desired. Each one is accompanied by two different activities or puzzles featuring the verse or key words from it. 

Hide it in Your Heart is an ideal Scripture memorization aid for Christian schools, homeschool programs, Sunday schools, or your own personal use. Children and adults will enjoy learning, practicing, and meditating on these artistically presented verses from the New International Version Bible. 

Proceeds from the sale of Hide it In Your Heart will be donated to www.Christar.org to help provide a translation of God’s Word for a particular people group in East Asia who do not yet have the Bible in their own language.

Here are a few sample coloring and activity pages from Hide it In Your Heart. If you’d like to color them or complete the word puzzles, click here to access a PDF that you can download and print.

Hide it In Your Heart is available in paperback on Amazon. Click here to order your copy for $8.99. 

HOWEVER, you can get it for 15% off if you order it here on CreateSpace with coupon code JZBVVBH8The code can be used an unlimited number of times and will not expire, so feel free to order as many copies as you like for family and friends. Hide it In Your Heart makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys word puzzles, coloring, or God’s word! 

You’re welcome to share the code with others, too.

Happy coloring!

About the Author:

Annie Douglass Lima spent most of her childhood in

Kenya and later graduated from Biola University in Southern California. She and

her husband Floyd currently live in Taiwan, where she teaches fifth grade at

Morrison Academy. She has been writing poetry, short stories, and novels since

her childhood, and to date has published thirteen books (two YA action and

adventure novels, four fantasies, a puppet script, five anthologies of her

students’ poetry, and a Scripture coloring and activity book). Besides writing,

her hobbies include reading (especially fantasy and science fiction),

scrapbooking, and international travel.

Connect with Annie Douglass Lima online:

Sign up for author updates and receive a free ebook of “interviews” with characters from her fantasy series: http://bit.ly/LimaUpdates


How to Write an eBook and Avoid the Common Mistakes That Authors Make by David A Horne

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BooksYou just cannot afford to have your reputation ruined as an author by making the most common mistakes. If you want to write an eBook that could potentially become a best-seller then you must learn how to cover every important stage from planning, writing, creation, marketing to selling your eBook. Many authors make simple mistakes throughout these stages that destroy their chances of becoming a successful author.

Here Are Some Common eBook Writing and Marketing Mistakes to Avoid From the Start:

1. Don’t Spam When Marketing Your eBook!
No matter how enticing it may seem or how much benefit you may derive from this illegal tactic it is not worth getting blacklisted by many of the top internet sites.

There are various forms of spam such as unethically bombarding forums and massage boards with links to your sites, sending mass emails to people who have not “subscribed” to your newsletter or authorised for you to do send them unsolicited emails.

If you have built up a nice list of followers you don’t want to spam them with constant messages about buying your eBook. eBook marketing and building a relationship with your subscribers involves a bit of give and take. You will want to provide your readers with valuable information and articles where they feel that they are getting something just for subscribing to your newsletter. One technique that avoids spam but still allows you to promote your eBook is to create an author bio with the link within that. We will discuss this in more depth later on in this eBook.

2. They Don’t Start Early Enough in Marketing Their eBook!
One common question I am asked by authors is “when should I start marketing my eBook?” And I often get a surprised look when I tell them that they need to start marketing before they have finished writing. If you wait until you have finished then you have missed out on some valuable time in getting word out about your eBook. You need to stir up some publicity and curiosity about your eBook and one way to do this is via a “pre launch” campaign.

3. They Write and Publish eBooks That Nobody Will Pay For.
It is essential to conduct some research before you write an eBook to see if you have a willing and buying market. If your ideal customer can get this information for free then they will be unlikely to want to pay for your eBook.

4. They Possess a Write and They Will Come Mentality!
If you believe what some so called internet gurus will tell you about their “secret” to generating lots of eBook sales then you will soon find out that you have paid money for a lot of hype. You will soon come to the realisation that marketing your eBook takes a lot of work and that as long as you want to keep selling you will need to keep marketing.

5. They Do Not Prioritise Time for Writing
You will need to prioritise time each day to writing your eBook as well as marketing. That may be posting to Twitter, Facebook, sourcing a new expert for an interview, or reviewing your AdWords campaign.

We would all love for our eBooks to just sell and make us money without any marketing efforts. However, it just doesn’t work this way. You have to do it yourself.

6. They Don’t Have an “Attention Grabbing” and Compelling Title for Their eBook.
When selecting eBook titles, use words that convey the benefit of what’s in the eBook, as well as words your audience is familiar with.

7. They Often Get The Process of eBook Selling Backwards!
The biggest mistake authors make is that they often get the entire selling process backwards which leads to complete and utter frustration when they fail to sell any eBooks.

You don’t get people to buy your eBook by taking them directly to your sales page and convincing them to buy right there and then from a cold start without any pre-selling.

Let your eBook sell itself! You can do this because of your author platform, your brand, your reputation and credibility that you have established via your blog, article submissions, interviews, social media pages and by people being pre-sold just because it came from you.

8. They Don’t Write to a Specific and Targeted Audience.
You need to clearly define, identify and visualise your customers that will buy your eBook. Who are you selling your eBook to?

9. They Waste Time Because They Do No Automate Their Systems
Authors waste too much time when they don’t understand the importance of automating as many of their business activities as possible. Automate every aspect of your eBook marketing and sales process including credit card processing, eBook delivery, technical support and your social media campaigns.

10. They Do Not Differentiate Their eBook From Their Competitors.
You will likely have a lot of competitors already out there in the stores selling an eBook that is similar to yours. Therefore, choose a unique angle for your eBook that will make it be easily distinguished from the others and stand out on its own.

You can save yourself a lot of heartache and valuable time by learning how to write an eBook without making these simple mistakes.

If you could think of the most rewarding and amazing success story for your eBook what would it be? Would it be selling 20,000 copies? Would it be seeing your eBook on a bestseller list? How about a new career as a professional writer? Maybe it will be just hearing the personal stories from one your readers about how your eBook has enriched or changed their life? Whatever it may be, our eBook Author Academy will provide you with all the tools, tips and resources to help you achieve your dream! Visit http://www.eBookAuthorAcademy.com which has been helping writers become successfully published authors since 2004

The Light of the Western Stars by Zane Gray

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Adventure, Romance, Action and More!

A big black horse had surmounted the rim of the mesa and was just breaking into a run.

His rider yelled sharply to the cowboys.

Helen was not alone in her admiration, for Madeline divided her emotions between growing alarm of some danger menacing and a thrill and quickening of pulse-beat that tingled over her whenever she saw Stewart in violent action.

No action of his was any longer insignificant, but violent action meant so much.

For one moment she remembered Stillwell and all his talk about fun, and plots, and tricks to amuse her guest.

Then she discountenanced the thought. Stewart might lend himself to a little fun, but he cared too much for a horse to run him at that speed unless there was imperious need.

That alone sufficed to answer Madeline’s questioning curiosity.

And her alarm mounted to fear not so much for herself as for her guests.

But what danger could there be?

This 211 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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The Adventures of Ann: Stories of Colonial Times

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Ann did not sleep any that night. She got up very early, before anyone was stirring, and dressed herself in her Sunday clothes. Then she tied up her working clothes in a bundle, crept softly down stairs, and out doors.
It was bright moonlight and quite cold. She ran along as fast as she could on the Boston road. Deacon Thomas Wales’ house was on the way. The windows were lit up. She thought of grandma and poor grandpa, with a sob in her heart, but she sped along. Past the schoolhouse, and meeting-house, too, she had to go, with big qualms of grief and remorse. But she kept on. She was a fast traveller.

She had reached the North Precinct of Braintree by daylight. So far, she had not encountered a single person. Now, she heard horse’s hoofs behind her. She began to run faster, but it was of no use. Soon Captain Abraham French loomed up on his big gray horse, a few paces from her. He was Hannah’s father, but he was a tithing-man, and looked quite stern, and Ann had always stood in great fear of him.

She ran on as fast as her little heels could fly, with a thumping heart. But it was not long before she felt herself seized by a strong arm and swung up behind Captain French on the gray horse. She was in a panic of terror, and would have cried and begged for mercy if she had not been in so much awe of her captor. She thought with awful apprehension of these stolen indentures in her little pocket. What if he should find that out!

Read more of this classic tale for just $1.00!    PDF


Lonsome Land

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Experience life in early America when the land was beautiful, cruel, and life-giving and taking!

This story shows how life can make you strong, make you happy and take you to limits you never knew existed!

In northern Montana there lies a great, lonely stretch of prairie land, gashed deep where flows the Missouri. Indeed, there are many such—big, impassive, impressive in their very loneliness, in summer given over to the winds and the meadow larks and to the shadows fleeing always over the hilltops. Wild range cattle feed there and grow sleek and fat for the fall shipping of beef. At night the coyotes yap quaveringly and prowl abroad after the long-eared jack rabbits, which bounce away at their hunger-driven approach. In winter it is not good to be there; even the beasts shrink then from the bleak, level reaches, and shun the still bleaker heights.”

This 139 page western adventure in PDF format comes with Master Resell Rights.

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Life of Boone

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The Adventures of Daniel Boone!

DANIEL BOONE was the ideal of the American pioneer—brave, cool, self-reliant, a dead shot with his rifle, a consummate master of woodcraft, with sturdy frame, hopeful at all times, and never discouraged by disasters which caused many a weaker spirit to faint by the way.

All that the pen of romance depicts in the life of one whose lot is cast in the Western forests, marked the career of Boone.

In the lonely solitudes he encountered the wild animal and the fiercer wild man; and he stood on the bastions at Boonesborough through the flaming sun or the solemn hours of night, exchanging shots with the treacherous Shawanoe, when every bullet fired was meant to extinguish a human life; he was captured by Indians three times, his companions were shot down at his side, his daughter was carried away by savages and quickly rescued by himself and a few intrepid comrades, his oldest boy was shot dead before he set foot in Kentucky, and another was killed while bravely fighting at Blue Licks; the border town named after him was assaulted and besieged by overwhelming bodies of Britishiv and Indians, his brother was slain and he himself underwent all manner of hardship and suffering.

Yet through it all, he preserved his honest simplicity, his unswerving integrity, his prudence and self-possession, and his unfaltering faith in himself, in the future of his country, and in God.

This 137 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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Jerry of the Islands by Jack London

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Follow the exciting adventures of Jerry, the Irish Terrier who travels the cannibal islands of the South Seas.

This 118 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

Just $1.00

NOTE: This book was written in 1917 and does have some of what we would consider rascist character descriptions.


The Blazed Trail

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At first the grandeur, the remoteness, the solemnity of the virgin forest fell on his spirit with a kind of awe.  The tall, straight trunks lifted directly upwards to the vaulted screen through which the sky seemed as remote as the ceiling of a Roman church.  Ravens wheeled and croaked in the blue, but infinitely far away.  Some lesser noises wove into the stillness without breaking the web of its splendor, for the pine silence laid soft, hushing fingers on the lips of those who might waken the sleeping sunlight.

Then the spirit of the pioneer stirred within his soul.  The wilderness sent forth its old-time challenge to the hardy.  In him awoke that instinct which, without itself perceiving the end on which it is bent, clears the way for the civilization that has been ripening in old-world hot houses during a thousand years.  Men must eat; and so the soil must be made productive.  We regret, each after his manner, the passing of the Indian, the buffalo, the great pine forests, for they are of the picturesque; but we live gladly on the product of the farms that have taken their places.  Southern Michigan was once a pine forest: now the twisted stump-fences about the most fertile farms of the north alone break the expanse of prairie and of trim “wood-lots.”

Thorpe knew little of this, and cared less.  These feathered trees, standing close-ranked and yet each isolate in the dignity and gravity of a sphinx of stone set to dancing his blood of the frontiersman.  He spread out his map to make sure that so valuable a clump of timber remained still unclaimed.  A few sections lying near the headwaters were all he found marked as sold.  He resumed his tramp light-heartedly.

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The Danger Trail

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This exciting story is a combination of action, adventure, mystery and romance!

From the top of the great ridge which he had climbed he gazed steadily into the white gloom which reached for a thousand miles from where he stood to the Arctic Sea.

Faintly in the grim silence of the winter night there came to his ears the soft hissing sound of the aurora borealis as it played in its age-old song over the dome of the earth, and as he watched the cold flashes shooting like pale arrows through the distant sky and listened to its whispering music of unending loneliness and mystery, there came on him a strange feeling that it was beckoning to him and calling to him–telling him that up there very near to the end of the earth lay all that he had dreamed of and hoped for since he had grown old enough to begin the shaping of a destiny of his own….

This 152 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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