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Ask the Author Podcast: Author Interview with Lyn Perry 1/22/2020

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by Russell Sherrard

Ask the Author Podcast

Ask the Author Podcast

Listen to Ask the Author Podcast.

This podcast conducts candid and insightful interviews with Christian Independent Authors. Ever wanted to know what your favorite authors favorite food is. Want to know what your favorite author does in his/her spare time. You’ll find the answer here. Our Interview this week is with Lyn Perry.

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About the Author:

Lyndon Perry

Lyndon Perry

Lyndon Perry has taught middle school English, coached high school swimming, and wrestled domestic longhair cats. He is currently a pastor, full-time husband, and grateful father of two. He enjoys coffee way too much and sings in a band when his bandmates let him. Perry writes and publishes a variety of speculative fiction, mystery, and thriller and blogs about faith, fiction, and culture at www.lyndonperrywriter.com.

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