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Sofa Talk Podcast 4/15/2020

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by Russell Sherrard

Sofa Talk Podcast

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Welcome to Sofa Talk Podcast. We will consider the daily devotions of Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotionals which deal with all of the things that we are fearful of, have anxiety about, plus we will take your prayer requests.



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About the Author:

Russell Sherrard

Russell Sherrard was born in Ruston, Louisiana, near Shreveport, Louisiana. He grew up most of his life in Greenville, South Carolina. After graduating high school he went off to college in Pasadena, California, home of the Rose Bowl parade and game. He met his wife Betty there and they have been married for 51 years. The couple have 3 adult daughters and the family lives in Sacramento, California.

After working for a major HMO for over 30 years in the Information Technology field, due to the bad economy his job was outsourced to IBM. Being only 2 years away from retirement Russell decided to retire early.

Needing something to supplement his social security income he decided to try his hand at writing for the Amazon Kindle.

He now has 23 books in the Amazon Kindle Store with more coming.

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