Feedback Analyzer Pro

The UNIQUE eBay Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!

Attention eBay Buyers: Have You Ever  Mistakenly Bought a Dud on eBay?  (That NEVER Has to Happen Again!)


"Why Not Research eBay Sellers BEFORE You Buy! You Can … Right Now … With Feedback Analyzer Pro!"


Introducing …

Extract feedback comments for any ebay seller!

Instantly separate the positive, neutral and negative comments into separate easy-to-read tables!

Extract feedback comments from 4 different eBay sites:,,,

Save any feedback list in plain text (.txt), comma delimited (.csv) or web file (.html) format.

Edit any feedback list using the integrated filtering option.

Extract your own feedback comments, then use the NEW ad creator tool to create highly attractive feedback ads you can insert into your ebay auctions … then watch your sales dramatically increase!

10 feedback ad templates pre-loaded inside the software … right NOW! FREE!

Get this exe software application for just $1.00!


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