Swiss Family Robinson


Classic family adventure that tells of a family's struggle for survival after being shipwrecked on a desert island. 

`A bear, a bear, father! He is coming after me!'

The boy clung to me in mortal fear. I felt his whole frame quivering.

`Courage, my son!' cried I, disengaging myself from his grasp. `We must prepare for instant defence!'

The dogs dashed forward to join the fray, whatever it was; and not long were we in doubt. To my no small consternation, an enormous bear made his appearance, quickly followed by another.

With levelled guns, my brave Fritz and I advanced slowly to meet them.

Jack was also ready to fire, but the shock had so unnerved Ernest that he fairly took to his heels. We fired together, one at each bear; but though hit, the monsters were unfortunately only wounded.

We found it most difficult to take aim, as the dogs beset them on all sides.

However, they were much disabled, one having the lower jaw broken, and the other, with a bullet in its shoulder, was effectually lamed. The dogs, perceiving their advantage, pressed more closely round their foes, who yet defended themselves furiously with frightful yells of pain and rage.

Such was the confusion and perpetual movement of the struggle, that I dared not fire again, seeing that even slightly wounding one of our gallant hounds would instantly place him in the power of the raging bears……

This exciting 248 page PDF family adventure comes with Master Resell Rights. 

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