The Art of Lace Making

Owing to the growing popularity of the fascinating art of lace-making and the appeals of our readers to place it within their reach, we have prepared this manual.

In making it a perfect instructor and a reliable exponent of the favorite varieties of lace, we have spared neither time nor expense, and are most happy to offer to our patrons what a celebrated maker of lace has pronounced as "the finest book upon lace-making to be found on either continent."

The illustrations, in the main, are direct reproductions from genuine, hand-made modern laces, such as any one may make who masters the instructions found upon these pages.

The beauty of these laces is beyond question, their durability all that can be desired, and their textures may be varied from an extreme delicacy to a sumptuous opposite.

In introducing the art of lace-making into the realms of our readers, we feel all of the pleasure we are sure we thus convey.



This 106 page PDF manual comes with Master Resell Righs and costs just $1.00!


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