The La Chance Mine Mystery

This is an adventure filled western mystery with a little romance thrown in.  It has something for everyone!

"Hungry, dog-tired, cross with the crossness of a man in authority whose orders have been forgotten or disregarded, I drove Billy Jones's old canoe across Lac Tremblant on my way home to Dudley Wilbraham's gold mine at La Chance, after an absence of months.

It was halfway to dark, and the bitter November wind blew dead in my teeth. Slaps of spray from flying wavecrests blinded me with gouts of lake water, that was oddly warm till the cutting wind froze it to a coating of solid ice on my bare hands and stinging face, that I had to keep dabbing on my paddling shoulder to get my eyes clear in order that I might stare in front of my leaky, borrowed canoe……."

This suspense filled mystery can be yours in PDF format for just $1.00!

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