How to Take the Stress Out of Christmas

"How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas!"

You can have some fun reading this book, my disastrous attempts to make things "perfect" and how I learned how to stop fretting and start enjoying this holiday. You'll laugh at some of the stories, but you'll also, I hope, take some of the many lessons that I have outlined here on how to get rid of the stress in your Christmas celebrations and start to actually have some fun.

Here's What You Will Find In This Guide…….

How to shop for gifts stress free

How to decorate stress free

How to find Christmas activities that the ENTIRE FAMILY will enjoy

Tips on baking and cooking easy Christmas cookies and dinners

How to learn to start new traditions for you and your family

And a lot more!

This 27 page PDF ebook comes with Private Label Rights!

Retail Price: $17.00
our Price: $1.00

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