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Discover How To Profit From Ebay's Policy Change (Banning The Sale of Digital Products) With 5 Powerful Products

First, here's the bad news:

Ebay™ has already banned the selling of downloadable digital products on its sites.

The move hit many Ebay™ Sellers like a thunderbolt.  And hundreds if not thousands lost their livelihood.

Now the good news.

You can exploit the void that the Auction Giant created to your BIG advantage and profit from the vacuum generated by the bloodbath.

Got tons of digital products (ebooks, softwares, scripts, videos, audios, with plr or resale rights) just gathering digital dust in your hard drive?

If so, you are sitting on a mother load of products that you could easily convert into cold hard cash!

Here's how:

Resell them as high perceived value physical products on CD or DVD – products of tangible nature GUARANTEED to build long lasting relationships between you and your customers.

The Ebay CD Seller's Tool Kit is a powerful set of tools that would enable you to create and run a potentially lucrative business from home selling cds on Ebay, website and even offline and using your existing inventory of resale rights products in your hard drive.

Now let's see what what the Ebay CD Seller's Tool Kit is composed of.

The Secret To Quick CD Autoruns
The only limit is your imagination and HTML skills! You will be able to start from scratch, taking any design or sale page that strike your fancy and create those autorun that will add a professional touch for your physical products.

Working with Inkscape
Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.  With Inkscape you would be able to easily create ready-to-print professional-looking physical dvd and cd inserts.

650 Auction Templates
650 Ebay Auction Templates pretty much say what this package is all about – over six hundred auction templates that will give your auction business that professional and distinct advantage.

Instant CD Products
Creating your own unique CD products can be incredibly quick and easy – whether you're looking to make an extra $200 a month on eBay, or you're looking to start a publishing Empire…

Making Money with CD Duplication

You get all this for an amazing price of just $1.00 with master resell rights included.

Retail Price $47.00

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