Biotope Aquarium Guide


Do you need clear, concise info about aquariums?

Biotope Aquariums Guide is the solution to all of your problems.

Designed to restructure a specific habitat, biotope aquariums include plants and fish from a particular area of the world. The outcome is an aquarium that reflect the natural environment. One of the most well-liked example is the African Cichlid Aquarium, where hard water circumstances and the rocky sunken terrain of the African Rift Lakes are virtualized.

"But what's inside..?" you might be wondering…

Inside this guide, you will:

Find all the information you need about the Biotope Aquariums

Learn the basic techniques of building a tank

Uncover information about choosing the right equipment

Learn how to setup all the things together

Learn the bahaviour of different fishes in different environments

Selecting the right fish for the environment you have created

Learning about the Invertebrates

Explore the maintenace techniques for Biotope Tanks

Learn some Quick Tips that will help you save time and money

And much, much more…

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