Proper Business Etiquette 5-Day eCourse


Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Using Proper Business Etiquette

In this course you'll be able to provide your subscribers with great information that they can actually use.

You will teach them:

Exactly what proper business etiquette is and how they can use it effectively in the workplace to always make a good impression.

How to use proper phone etiquette during business related calls so that they can always make a good impression when they are speaking with clients, customers or prospects.

The importance of proper etiquette during a business meeting and why it is vital to their overall success.

The ins and outs of using proper etiquette during instant message (IM) business conversations, so that they always look like a professional.

The importance of proper online business etiquette. In today's technological world it is vital that they understand the basics of good online communication, so that they won't get left behind! 

This Private Label Rights 5 day ecourse comes in word.doc and text formats for easy editing. 

Retail Price:  $15.00
Our Price: $1.00


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