Tender 12 Months


Super Tips And Secrets For All The New Moms And Dads Out There…

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

5 Baby Sleep Tips 
Let Your Baby Nap In A Brightly Lit Room 
Make Your Child Develop Sleep Associations 
The Ferber Method 
Create A Familiar Environment For Sleep 
ABCs Of Breastfeeding 
The Way With Baby Names 
Baby Game Shower: Baby Games To Play At The Baby Shower 
Breast Compression 
Chicken Pox In Children 
Common Cold In Children 
Ear Infections In Children 
Fever In Children 
Pains During Growth In Children 
Sinus And Sinus Attack In Children 
Starting Solid Foods 
Urinary Tract Infection In Children 
12 Nursery setup 
Nursery Feng Shui 
Sleep Issues 1-2 Years Old 
Baby Sleep Tips – Some Tricks For The Transition 

And Much More!

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This 66 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $1.00 


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