The Guns of Shiloh


"The Guns of Shiloh," a complete story in itself, is the complement of "The Guns of Bull Run."

In "The Guns of Bull Run" the Civil War and its beginnings are seen through the eyes of Harry Kenton, who is on the Southern side. In "The Guns of Shiloh" the mighty struggle takes its color from the view of Dick Mason, who fights for the North and who is with Grant in his first great campaign.

Book Excerpt:  "The skeleton work of the trestle now rose more clearly into view. The rain had almost ceased and faint rays of moonlight showed through the rifts where the clouds had broken apart.

The boys distinctly heard the gurgling rush of waters, and they also saw the clear, bluish surface of the mountain stream. The same quickening of light disclosed the Southern force on their right flank and rear, only four or five hundred yards away.

Dick's hasty glance backward lingered for a moment on a powerful man on a white horse just in advance of the Southern column. He saw this man raise his hand and then command the men to fire.

He and twenty others under the impulse of excitement shouted to the regiment to drop down, and the Northern lads did so.

Most of the volley passed over their heads. Rising they sent back a return discharge, and then the head of the columns rushed into the stream. Dick felt swift water whirling about him and tugging at his body, but it rose no higher than his waist, although foam and spray were dashed into his face.

He heard all around him the splashing of his comrades, and their murmurs of satisfaction. They realized now that they were not only able to retreat before a much superior force, but this same stream, when crossed, would form a barrier behind which they could fight two to one."

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