Clickbank Profit Criteria 3-Day eCourse


Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Choosing Profitable Clickbank Products

In this course you'll be able to provide your subscribers with great information that they can actually use!

You will teach them…

How to choose a product from the Clickbank market place that they know will be profitable!

What the Clickbank gravity score is. How they can use it to discover which products are the most profitable and why they can't rely on gravity alone when choosing the right product.

Why evaluating the sales letter's of the products that they are considering is an important part of their decision and should be included in their profit criteria.

How commissions, cost and continuity factor into the decision making process and why they are an important part of their Clickbank profit criteria.

This ecourse comes in word.doc and txt format for easy editing.  Private Label Rights included!

Retail Price: $9.97
Our Price: $1.00


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