Pumping Out Your First Email List


Increase Conversions, Sales and Affiliate Income Using Tried and True Email Marketing Methods

In Pumping Out Your First Email List you will learn the very basics of building a list including:

Where to find the internet users that are your potential market

How to offer information that your buyers might be looking for and offer it for free so that they are lured immediately to your site

How to understand the original intention and purpose of email marketing

How to truly understand what a niche market is and make it work for you

How to create a free eBook or report to offer your customers to lure them to your site so they will give you their email address

How to set up a website so jam packed with information that you will lure those 2500 visitors to your site in no time because you have become an invaluable library and resource to them

How to determine if the idea you are thinking of may actually attract users who have money to spend or if your target market is actually poor! (For example there are millions of people out there who love to cook but they don't buy the food they cook with online – they buy it in grocery stores!)

How to determine whether or not your target market has the ability or inclination to use a credit card online

How to research the market you are thinking of targeting using Google search to find forums and notice boards that are focused on your niche

An explanation of what is spamming and what is advertising

How to avoid being accused of spamming

How to brainstorm the internet so you can find new prospects

How to conceptualize a message for customers who may have already bought from you once to get them to buy from you again

How to make sure that your message is seen by customers who prequalify as buyers for what you are selling

How to make your site into a moneymaking center using a targeted promotional email campaign

Why so many marketers and online business people actually manage to mess up a concept as simple as "sending a message to people who want to buy from you."

…And a lot more information about how you can make this work for you.

This 65 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights

Retail Price: $37.00
Our Price: $1.00


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