The House of the Vampire

He tried to move, to cry out, but his limbs were paralysed.

When, by a superhuman effort, he at last succeeded in shaking off the numbness that held him enchained, he awoke just in time to see a figure, that of a man, disappearing in the wall that separated Reginald's apartments from his room….

This time it was no delusion of the senses. He heard something like a secret door softly closing behind retreating steps.

A sudden fierce anger seized him. He was oblivious of the danger of the terrible power of the older man, oblivious of the love he had once borne him, oblivious of everything save the sense of outraged humanity and outraged right. The law permits us to shoot a burglar who goes through our pockets at night.

Must he tolerate the ravages of this a thousand times more dastardly and dangerous spiritual thief?

Was Reginald to enjoy the fruit of other men's labour unpunished?

Was he to continue growing into the mightiest literary factor of the century by preying upon his betters?

Abel, Walkham, Ethel, he, Jack, were they all to be victims of this insatiable monster?……

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