The Paradise Mystery

This exciting murder mystery is set in a quiet England town where all is not what it appears to be. 

The mason turned off towards the gateway of the Close, and while the strains of the organ grew louder, Bryce bent over the dead man, wondering what had really happened.

Thrown from an open doorway in the clerestory over St. Wrytha's Stair?—it seemed almost impossible!

But a sudden thought struck him: supposing two men, wishing to talk in privacy unobserved, had gone up into the clerestory of the Cathedral—as they easily could, by more than one door, by more than one stair—and supposing they had quarrelled, and one of them had flung or pushed the other through the door above—what then?

And on the heels of that thought hurried another—this man, now lying dead, had come to the surgery, seeking Ransford, and had subsequently gone away, presumably in search of him, and Bryce himself had just seen Ransford, obviously agitated and pale of cheek, leaving the west porch; what did it all mean? what was the apparently obvious inference to be drawn?

Here was the stranger dead—and Varner was ready to swear that he had seen him thrown, flung violently, through the door forty feet above.

That was—murder! Then—who was the murderer?

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