Top 10 Tips for New eBay Sellers

Here's a sneak peek at the "Top 10" tips covered in this 27 page eBook:


  • Awesome Tips On Creating Auction Titles
  • Expert Insight On Creating Auction Descriptions
  • Pricing Strategies
  • How To Think Like A Buyer And Increase Your Sales!
  • Why You Should Consider Opening An eBay Store
  • Some Free Tools You Probably Didn't Know About But Should Definitely Be Taking Advantage Of!
  • "Where" To Keep One Ear To The Ground So You Can Stay On Top Of All The Current eBay Trends And Strategies That Other Sellers Are Using
  • How, Why, And Where To Get Good Web Hosting For Your eBay Business
  • How To Detect And Avoid Some Of The Clever eBay Related Scams That Many Sellers Fall For!
  • Take Advantage Of Special Offers To eBay Sellers – Made Available Through 3 Rivers Auctions!

 This eBook also comes with an auction template to make reselling it on eBay a breeze!  Once you've learned the "Top 10 Tips" you'll have an item to practice selling right away!

This ebook is in pdf format.

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