The Metal Monster


Discover a horrifying world of living metal plotting the destruction of all mankind!

"Dominion over all the earth?"

"Yes—as long as man is fit to rule; no longer. Science has warned us. Where was the mammal when the giant reptiles reigned? Slinking hidden and afraid in the dark and secret places.

Yet man sprang from these skulking beasts. "For how long a time in the history of earth has man been master of it? For a breath—for a cloud's passing. And will remain master only until something grown stronger wrests mastery from him—even as he wrested it from his ravening kind—as they took it from the reptiles—as did the reptiles from the giant saurians—which snatched it from the nightmare rulers of the Triassic—and so down to whatever held sway in the murk of earth dawn…..

This exciting fantasy tale has 248 pages in PDF format andcomes with Master Resell Rights.

Just $1.00

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