In the Days of Giants


A Book of Norse Tales

This book is made of the stories told by the Northern folk,—the people who live in the land of the midnight sun, where summer is green and pleasant, but winter is a terrible time of cold and gloom; where rocky mountains tower like huge giants, over whose heads the thunder rolls and crashes, and under whose feet are mines of precious metals.

Therefore you will find the tales full of giants and dwarfs,—spirits of the cold mountains and dark caverns.

Stories Include:

The Beginning of Things

Kvasir's Blood

The Giant Builder

The Magic Apples

The Dwarf's Gifts

The Quest of the Hammer

In the Giant's House

Balder and the Mistletoe

And Much More!

This 100 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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Our Price: $1.00


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