Myths and Legends of the Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes


Exciting Native American Tales of Mystery and Magic!

MYSTERY, magic, and manitoes abound in the land of Hiawatha, in the land of the Ojibwas, among the green islands, graceful and beautiful, lying amidst the dancing blue waters when the sun shines over Gitche Gomee, the Great Water.

Manitoes, great and mighty, lived in the cool depths of the mighty forests, in the rivers and lakes, and even in the snows of winter.

And adventures there were in those early days amongst these islands of the North, when manitoes directed the affairs of men.

It is a loss to American literature that so much of the legendary history of these Native American tribes has gone, beyond hope of recovery.

Exquisite in color, poetical in feeling, these legends of sun, moon, and stars, of snow, ice, lightning, thunders, the winds, the life of the forest birds and animals about them, and the longing to understand the why and the how of life—all which we have only in fragments….

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