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"You say that now. But, listen to me," Hamar replied.

"Since I've read that book, I believe there's a lot more in Occultism than people imagine.

You may recollect the name of the author of the book—Thomas Maitland?

Well! To begin with, he impresses me as being truthful; and he not only believed in Magic but he practised it.

If he hadn't gone into details I shouldn't think anything of it, but he's so darned thorough, and tells you exactly what you've got to do to get in touch with the Occult Powers and to practise sorcery.

He learned it all from that old MS. he found, written by an Atlantean; and the Atlanteans, he says, were adepts in every form of Occultism.

I tell you, this chap himself scoffed at it at first; and it was more out of curiosity, he says, than because he was convinced, that he began to experiment.

He afterwards came to the conclusion that the Atlanteans were no fools. What they had written about the Occult was absolutely correct—there was another world, and it was possible to get in touch with it.

Now, if Thomas Maitland was able to practise sorcery, why can't we…

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