Starman’s Quest


Science Fiction Fans Will Love this Exciting Adventure!

Alan Donnell loved space, and the ship, and life aboard it.

His father, Captain of the Valhalla, lived for nothing but the traditions of the Spacers. But his twin brother, Steve, couldn't stand it, and so he jumped ship.

Thinking about it got under Alan's skin, finally. The bond between twins is a strong one, and Alan couldn't stand to see it broken so abruptly and permanently.

There were other things, too. If Alan remained on the Valhalla, he'd have to marry one of the girls of the ship, and the choice of those his own age was pitifully small.

And above all else, he was convinced that the secret of the Cavour Hyper-drive was hidden somewhere on Earth—the Cavour Hyper-drive, that would enable man to leap interstellar distances almost instantaneously, and bring an end to the sharp differences between Earthers and Spacers.

These forces worked quietly within him—and suddenly, without really meaning to, Alan in turn jumped ship and remained on Earth!

There were many times when he regretted it. He found Earth a bewildering and utterly hostile place.

To stay alive, he had to play a ruthless game—and he couldn't even find anyone to tell him the rules. Within the first few hours, he came dangerously close to being murdered and then to being thrown in jail.

He had no clues to the whereabouts of Steve, and couldn't even be sure his nine-years-older twin brother was still alive. And the Cavour Hyper-drive was the merest will-o'-the-wisp, dancing wildly before him in his dreams.

Somehow, he survived. It wasn't easy, and he didn't do it without serious sacrifices. He became a professional gambler, and almost became a drug addict.

He became involved in a monstrous criminal syndicate, knowing that no criminal could possibly escape punishment. He betrayed the few friends he had, and fought furiously against everyone and everything he encountered.

He thought longingly, often, of the Valhalla, and his lost life aboard her. But he never completely lost hope.

Starman's Quest is Alan Donnell's story—a story that will keep you on the edge of your chair until the very last page.

It's the most exciting book yet from one of the most exciting new writers ever to hit the science-fiction field.

This 104 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

Retail Price: $17.00
Our Price: $1.00


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