Road Rage

"Road Rage, And Everything you Need To Know On How To Avoid And Overcome This Issue."

Driving Your Vehicle Is Very Dangerous These Days. Get All The Information You Need To Know About Road Rage – Right Here!

Road Rage:  Own The Road With Defensive Driving” takes information from experts and people who have been there to teach you how you can deal with your own road rage as well as that of others.  This book will show you:

The difference between aggressive driving and road rage

How to tell if you have a tendency toward road rage yourself

Ways to stop your own aggressive driving

Methods that will help you control your reactions to other drivers

How to drive with emotional intelligence

And more!

Road Rage:  Own The Road With Defensive Driving” does so much more than just show you how to react to a bad driver.  It tells you everything your driving instructor should have told you, but didn’t.  This book will tell you how to:

Recognize and deal with a drunk driver
Be safe while parking
Drive at night
Drive on ice
Report an accident
Deal with a fatigued or tired driver

It’s a truly comprehensive guide to learning how to drive defensively and control your reactions to other people who aren’t doing the same as you.  Road rage is frustrating.


But It Doesn’t Have To Be Anymore

This PDF ebook also comes with Private Label Rights.  All for just $1.00!


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