Auto Cons – Secrets to Buying an Auto Without Getting Scammed

"Who Else Wants To Know Every Dollar Saving Trick, Every Scam-Stopping Tip, And Every Must-Know Bit Of Information You Need When Buying A Car!"

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

Why you should run if they ask you to resign your loan papers.

Find out the difference between the dealer's price and the factory price – so that you know how much to offer.

Find out when salesmen are desperate to sell cars and are much more willing to lower their prices to close the deal. 

Recognize numerous other scams such as the "Factory Holdback Scam," "Insurance Scam," "Turnover Scam," and more. Get prepared before you get taken for thousands. 

8 items to bring with you when purchasing a car if you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. 

Recognize who is really on the phone if someone calls in to compete with your offer. 

Find out why you should always pay deposits with your credit card – not with checks. 

Why you should never wait until the last minute to buy a car… never! 

Understand how you can end up paying thousands more if you let the dealership help you get out making payments on your current cars loan.

Find out when to consider if you should finance your loan through a credit union instead of the dealership. 

Recognize a legal way dealers are able to charge you an extra $500 for doing next to nothing – and how you can avoid it. 

And much much more!

This PDF ebook normally sells for $17.00 but it can be yours for just $1.00! 

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