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Caricature and Other Comic Art


300 Pages of Entertaining Art and the Stories Behind It!

Pen Drawing

Art in America


A Critical and Historic Sketch

Outdoor Sketching


My chief reason for confining these four talks to the outdoor sketch is….

Art Collecting 101


Considering Collecting Art?

How to Champion the Art of Flash Photography

CD Not Included

A Hands-on Guide On Flash Photography For Camera Friendly People!

The Enjoyment of Art

A Treatise on Etching

Definition of Etching.To be able to get an impression on paper from a metal plate in a copper-plate printing-press, it is necessary to sink the lines of the design below the surface of the plate, so that each line is represented by a furrow. The plate is then inked all over, care being taken to fill each furrow, and finally the ink is cautiously wiped away from the surface, while the furrows are left charged with it. A piece of moist paper pressed against a plate so prepared, will take the ink up out of the furrows. The result is an impression.

The Painter in Oil


Find Out How the Masters Created Their Masterpieces

The Art of Illustration

THE object of this book is to explain the modern (they were modern at the time of this book printing) systems of Book and Newspaper Illustration, and especially the methods of drawing for what is commonly called "process," on which so many artists are now engaged.

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