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The Discount Diva


All the Info You Need on Finding Inexpensive Fashion

Farout Fashion


A Look at the Latest, Craziest Fashion Fads

Celebrity Copycat

Getting Your Fashion Inspiration from the Stars!

Skin Disease Dynamics

Just like your brain, stomach and heart, your skin is also a valuable organ.

How to Cure Acne

If you are affected by acne, or have a child who is, you need to read this entire page…

Fabulous Fashionista


Fashion is defined as a popular trend pertaining to dressing behavior and style.

Sunless Tanning Guide

Enjoy A Tan All Year Long!  Sizzle without the Sun!

Handling the Sun and Sunburn Naturally


Never Fear Sitting In the Sun Again!!

Acne Treatments 101


Are You Looking For A Way To Cope With The Stubborn Problem Of Acne? 

Natural Beauty


Discover the Secrets of Natural Beauty!

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