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The Scarecrow of Oz


Another "Asked For" Adventure in the Land of Oz

Uncle Wiggily in the Woods


More Adventures with Uncle Wiggily!

Peter and Wendy

Another Family Adventure in Never Never Land!

The Lost Princess of Oz


Some of my youthful readers are developing wonderful imaginations….

Twilight Land


What is Twilight Land?

Flower Fables


THE summer moon shone brightly down upon the sleeping earth, while far away from mortal eyes danced the Fairy folk.

Wee Peter Pug


The fun children's story that shows you what happens when you get into mischief just to have a little fun! 

A Wonder Book for Boys & Girls


Delightful, exciting adventure stories for young and old!

Down-Adown-Derry: Book of Fairy Poems


Delightful children's book including fairies, witches, mermaids and more!

Gulliver’s Travels


Classic Family Adventure

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