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Practical Basketry


Learn to Make All Kinds of Beautiful Baskets for Your Home and for Gifts

Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them

Quilting Revealed 101

Are YOU Ready to Learn the Intricate Details of the Quilting World? Order Today!

Get of to a fast start with quilting…don't waste time and money on books and tutorials that just don't deliver the full story!

19 Ebooklets – Learn How to Knit & Crochet


Jewelry Making Secrets


Alice Kline, An accomplished & renowned jewelry maker with 14 (rock solid) years experience 'SPILLS THE BEANS' on how to make world class jewelry…

Guide to Wax Flower Modelling


"The beautiful imitations of natural flowers in wax which have lately afforded an attractive exercise for the taste and ingenuity of many of our youthful countrywomen, were first introduced into England by the mother of Mary Beatrice, as a present to her royal daughter…..

50 Common Birds of North America

Turning Their Trash into Your Profits

Sell Arts & Crafts Items Without Making A Single Project!

Ultimate Gift Basket Crafting Guide


"Stop Paying Out-The Nose For Specialty Gift Baskets That Don't Even Fit The Bill And Start Making Your Own Stunning, Unique Baskets!"

Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet

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