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Peter Piper’s Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation



A fun way for your kids to learn to pronunciate more clearly and easily!

History of Woman Suffrage Vol. II

Edison: His Life and Inventions

The True Story of the American Flag

History is the best incentive to make men love their country; it encourages that patriotism which never falters, even at the cannon’s mouth.

Slips of Speech

The Story of Pocohontas & Captain John Smith

Share this exciting and adventurous tale of history with your children! 

The Story of the Pony Express

An account of the most remarkable mail service ever in existence, and its place in history.

Student Loans 101

"Money Is Tight, Your Kids Are Going To College & You Just Don't Know HOW You Will Find The Money To Fund Those College Fees! 

Golden Deeds: Stories from History


Strange Stories from History for Young People


Interesting, educational ebook includes such stories as:

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