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100 Christmas Recipes


100 Delicious Holiday Recipes to Share with Your Friends and Family!

Overcoming Seasonal Anxiety

For those of us already suffering from anxiety, the holiday season presents its own special challenges.

The Christmas Angel

Just then up came a second woman with two small boys hanging at her skirts. They were ragged and sick-looking.

Simply Christmas

"Make This Christmas One To Remember With Dozens Of New Christmas Ideas!"

Fun-Filled Toys and Gifts


Tips on Choosing The Right Toys And Gifts To Make Others Happy!

Christmas: Its Origins & Associations

Resolution Retention Strategies

How to set realistic new years resolutions and keep them!

The Christmas Dinner


This play is intended, not only for acting, but also for reading. It is so arranged that boys and girls can read it to themselves, just as they would read any other story. Even the stage directions and the descriptions of scenery are presented as a part of the narrative. At the same time, by the use of different styles of type, the speeches of the characters are clearly distinguished from the rest of the text, an arrangement which will be found convenient when parts are being memorized for acting.

Sustaining the New Year’s Resolutions


Changing Your Lack Of Follow Through On Resolutions Is Vital!

The First Christmas Tree

Close beside him, keeping step like a familiar comrade, was the young Prince Gregor.

Long marches through the wilderness had stretched his limbs and broadened his back, and made a man of him in stature as well as in spirit. His jacket and cap were of wolfskin, and on his shoulder he carried an axe, with broad, shining blade.

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