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The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot

On the land side our surroundings were as sombre as on the sea. It was a country of rolling moors, lonely and dun-colored, with an occasional church tower to mark the site of some old-world village.


The exciting story deals with an accident that changes a woman's life.  A young rich lady, used to the luxuries of life, accidentally kills a cop!

A Chain of Evidence


Exciting New York City Murder Mystery!

Jacob’s Ladder


It seemed to Jacob, when he was awakened from a sound sleep about four o‟clock the next morning, that his young companion‟s farewell words had been vainglorious.

The Mystery of the Fires


The following morning Mrs. Gay relented from her decision to pack up the family’s things and go home immediately.

The Sword of Damocles

Exciting New York City Mystery by Anna Katharine Green!

The Mystery at Dark Cedars


“Well, there was something years ago that old Mr. Grant got hold of—something valuable—that I made out didn’t belong to him….

The Clue of the Twisted Candle

He had fallen in love with Grace Terrell.

At first his attentions had amused her, and then there came a time when they frightened her, for the man's fire and passion had been unmistakable.

The Hand in the Dark


Seen in the sad glamour of an English twilight, the old moat-house, emerging

The Sheridan Road Mystery

Policeman Murphy stopped far a moment, as was his custom, at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Sheridan Road.

He knew that it was about two o'clock in the morning as that was the hour at which he usually reached this point.

He glanced sharply up and down Sheridan Road, which at that moment seemed to be completely deserted save for the distant red tail-light of a belated taxi, the whir of whose engine came to him quite distinctly on the quiet night air.

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