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True Stories of Crime from the D.A.’s Office

The scenes recorded here are not literature but history, and the characters who figure in them are not puppets of the imagination, but men and women who lived and schemed, laughed, sinned and suffered, and paid the price when the time came, most of them, without flinching.

Book of Wise Sayings

May we not find the “whole duty of man” condensed into a few brief sentences, which have been expressed by thoughtful men in all ages and in countries far apart?—such as:

Send in the Drones


Everything You Need to Know About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and How They Will Affect Your Life

Cobwebs from an Empty Skull


A Collection of Fables and Short Stories



This book is a compilation of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius. 

Disputed Handwriting



An Exhaustive, Valuable, and Comprehensive Work upon One of the Most Important Subjects of To-day.
With Illustrations and Expositions for the Detection and Study of Forgery by
Handwriting of All Kinds

Military Instructors Manual

10 Hot Topic NicheBooklets

10 Hot Topic NicheBooklets

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