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Starman’s Quest


Science Fiction Fans Will Love this Exciting Adventure!

Alan Donnell loved space, and the ship, and life aboard it.

Angel Island

This fantasy tale tells of 5 men who were shipwrecked on a strange but beautiful island!

Creatures of the Abyss


From the Ocean Depths Terror Stalked Mankind!

At the Earth’s Core

At the Earth's Core
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A mythical and dangerous journey into the center of the earth.



Percy Brebner's Fantasy Adventure, "Vayenne"!

The Monster


What will cosmic rays do to a living organism?

The People that Time Forgot


Travel back to a prehistoric land where everyday is a struggle to survive!

The Thing in the Attic


It is written that after the Giants came to Tellura from the far stars…

The Metal Monster


Discover a horrifying world of living metal plotting the destruction of all mankind!

The Book of Dragons

So he took The Book of Beasts out into the rose garden and opened the page next to the one where the Dragon had been just a tiny bit to see what the name was.

He could only see "cora," but he felt the middle of the page swelling up thick with the creature that was trying to come out, and it was only by putting the book down and sitting on it suddenly, very hard, that he managed to get it shut. Then he fastened the clasps with the rubies and turquoises in them and sent for the Chancellor, who had been ill since Saturday, and so had not been eaten with the rest of the Parliament, and he said:

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