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Reincarnation and the Law of Karma


A Study of the Old-New World Doctrine of Rebirth, and Spiritual Cause and Effect

The Empty House & Other Ghost Stories

Over 130 pages of scary stories to get your blood a pumping – including:

Irish Witchcraft and Demonology


When did witchcraft make its appearance in Ireland, and what was its progress therein?

Ghostly Phenomena


Accounts of Ghostly and Supernatural Sightings and Experiences

Secrets of Astrology & Tarot Card Reading


Learn the Secrets of Astrology and Tarot Card Reading in this 12 Pack eBooklet Collection.

The Shadow World


Detailed Cases of Unexplained Phenomena



WHAT is a werwolf?

Collection of Witchcraft.. Wicca.. Occult e-Books


Ever been curious about Witchcraft, Wicca or the Occult ?

Strange Visitors


A series of original papers, embracing philosophy, science, government, religion, poetry, art, fiction, satire, humor, narrative and prophecy.

Beasts and Super Beasts


This book is one of Saki's best works!

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