Fitness Over Fifty

Be a Fabulously Fit Fifty!

Learn How Not to Look Your Age:

Exercise for Elders – Choosing the Right Activity for You

The Senior Stretch – Warming Up Before Starting Your Day

Flex Schedules for Seniors – A Guide to Stretching

Increasing Senior Stamina

Seniors that Can Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Aerobic Exercise for the Couch Potato

Low Impact Exercise Makes a Huge Impact on Seniors

Get Real – Savvy Seniors Say Swim for Life

Why Water Weight is Good – Water Dumbbells for the Pool

Hydraulics is Not Just for Cars – Senior-Friendly Workout Equipment

Maintain a Healthy Balance – Stability Ball Exercises for Seniors

Circuit Training for Seniors – Finding the Right Gym for your Lifestyle

Strength Training = Strong Bones Seniors Declare Martial Law   

This 23 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resell Rights.

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