Genesis: Book of Beginnings

Genesis: Book of Beginnings

Genesis: Book of Beginnings

This book is a Bible Study of the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. The Bible text used for this study is the King James Version (KJV). This Book is the first book in the Series entitled Journey Through the Bible. It goes through Genesis Chapter by Chapter and asks questions that the reader must answer. This, the first in many Journey Through The bible studies is a great source for any new Christian, but it would be great for any Christian who just wants to brush up on things long heard, but no longer in the forefront. The questions are on basic Bible knowledge – nothing it would take a philosopher to answer – and will leave the Bible student with the basic truths of the book.I recommend this study to any church or Sunday school, regardless of the denomination, who wants and needs a closer acquaintance with the Word. Kindle Mobi format.

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