Holy Bible World English Version

Holy Bible World English Version

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This eBook is the World English Version of the Holy Bible. I wrote this eBook due to the lack of usable navigation. With this version a specific verse, in any chapter, of any book can be found in a matter of seconds. I use this eBook at Church all the time and can find a reference quicker than someone that has the experience of many years with a paper Bible. The primary readers of this book are all Christians who desire a Kindle Bible. It took many hours to construct this book because it is so big. The hardest part was getting the navigation down right. I did it several times. The cover was chosen because it best represent the theme and reverence that I have for the Bible. I did do research as to whether this book existed on any of the major retailers but the ones I found did not have adequate navigation so I set out to create a usable one. If the reader wants to have a deeper understanding and relationship with God, reading this Bible will give your life meaning.

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