Making Physical Fitness Fun for the Fifty+ Crowd

For those of us who are in our fifties or above, motivating to get fit can be a little intimidating…

With a busy lifestyle that is moving toward retirement, it will be easy to make excuses for why you are unable to make it to the gym.  

Your companion and you can motivate one another to stay on track.  

Friends can challenge you to do just one more push-up or to walk another half of a mile.

 A buddy which has known you a long time will also be able to call your bluff when you are trying to say you don’t have enough time to fit in a workout.  

Likewise, once you encourage them, you have to make sure you show up, too.  

After so much time invested in your loved ones, you and your workout buddy can encourage each other to take time for yourselves and your friendship in a new, productive way.

Maybe you have recently been urged by your doctor to start working out, or perhaps you just want to feel better about your body and self with some preventative action.  

Either way, having a friend to workout with can make all the difference.  

Friends support us through all aspects of our lives, so it makes sense that they could also help us motivate to workout.  

With a workout pal, finding physical activities to do together can be a fun rebirth to fuller wellness for both of you.

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