Wilderness Castaways


An Exciting Life and Death Struggle for Survival

This was the first awakening in Paul of the primitive instinct which every human has inherited from prehistoric ancestors.  

An inborn love of the glorious freedom of the great wide wilderness where individual man stands supreme in his own right and where he may roam at will without restraint; where he feels that he is a person and not an atom; where he may meet nature face to face, and fearlessly match his human skill against her forces.

Too often this instinct to retreat for a time to the wild places of the earth, to stand with bared head under the open sky, to breathe great lungsful of pure atmosphere undefiled by the smoke of chimneys, to make the acquaintance of rocks and trees, of mountains and sea is smothered by the luxuries and pamperings of civilization.

So it had been with Paul…

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