Life of Boone

Send to Kindle The Adventures of Daniel Boone! DANIEL BOONE was the ideal of the American pioneer—brave, cool, self-reliant, a dead shot with his rifle, a consummate master of woodcraft, with sturdy frame, hopeful at all times, and never discouraged by disasters which caused many a weaker spirit to faint by the way. All that… Continue reading Life of Boone

The Day of the Beast by Zane Gray

Send to Kindle His native land! Home! The ship glided slowly up the Narrows; and from its deck Daren Lane saw the noble black outline of the Statue of Liberty lined against the clear gold of sunset. A familiar old pang in his breast–longing and homesickness and agony, together with the physical burn of gassed… Continue reading The Day of the Beast by Zane Gray

The Yukon Trail – A Tale of the North

Send to Kindle Exciting Adventure for All! The midnight sun had set, but in a crotch between two snow-peaks it had kindled a vast caldron from which rose a mist of jewels, garnet and turquoise, topaz and amethyst and opal, all swimming in a sea of molten gold. The glow of it still clung to… Continue reading The Yukon Trail – A Tale of the North

Wolf Hunters: A Tale of Adventure in the Wilderness

Send to Kindle CONTENTS: The Fight in the Forest How Wabigoon Became a White Man III. Roderick Sees the Footprint Roderick’s First Taste of the Hunter’s Life Shots in the Wilderness Mukoki Disturbs the Ancient Skeletons VII. Roderick Discovers the Buckskin Bag VIII. How Wolf Became the Companion of Men Wolf Takes Vengeance Upon His… Continue reading Wolf Hunters: A Tale of Adventure in the Wilderness

Connie Morgan in Alaska

Send to Kindle Connie Morgan now owns one of the crack dog teams of Alaska. Connie has set his heart upon winning the great Alaska Sweepstakes—the grandest and most exciting race in all the world, a race that crowds both driver and dogs to the very last measure of endurance, sagacity, and skill. Excerpt: And,… Continue reading Connie Morgan in Alaska