The Monday Flyover Replay 7/8/2024

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The Monday Flyover Replay : An Early Texas Hurricane, Cryptocurrency Crash, and Vending Machines for Ammo

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Monday, JULY 8, 2024,

Good Morning! On this day in 1948, the first Porsche car, the 356 “No. 1” Roadster, took its first road test. The car was hand-built, and its success led to the production of more than 76,000 units over the next 17 years.

Today’s newsletter covers a year-long Mars simulation, a demonstration of AI-powered robots, and a bicyclist being fined for kissing his wife. There’s a political party trying to push its own candidate aside. Sometimes it feels like a strange new world, doesn’t it?


Beryl Barrels Down on Texas,

Tropical storm Beryl brought rain and wind to the Texas coast Sunday and is expected to re-intensify into a rare July hurricane before making landfall today.

Many Texas beaches are under evacuation orders, and officials in several counties have asked vacationers to leave. The storm is responsible for 11 deaths after hitting Mexico and passing through the Caribbean.

Beryl would be only the fourth hurricane to hit Texas in July in the last 25 years. Gulf Coast residents in the storm’s path have been warned to expect power outages and flooding.

Crew Finally Exits Year-Long Mars Simulation,

Four volunteer crew members who spent more than a year inside a simulated NASA Mars environment emerged this weekend after 378 days in confinement.

The 3D-printed, 1,700-square-foot habitat, located at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, served as their living quarters. (Here’s a quick video tour)

During the mission, the crew conducted tasks simulating Mars operations, such as “Mars walks,” growing vegetables, maintaining equipment, performing experiments, and dealing with communication delays of up to 22 minutes with Earth.

“It’s actually just so wonderful to be able to say ‘hello’ to you all,” said Kelly Haston, the mission commander, upon leaving simulated Mars life.

List: Top 10 Highest-Paid U.S. CEOs,

The median pay for S&P 500 CEOs reached a record high of $15.7 million in 2023, with some top executives earning nine-figure pay packages, according to The Wall Street Journal and MyLogIQ analysis.

A list of the 10 highest-paid U.S. CEOs ranks Hock Tan of Broadcom as No.1, earning $161.8 million from total compensation, followed by Nikesh Arora of Palo Alto Networks with $151.4 million and Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone at $119.8 million.

The majority of CEO compensation was tied to stock awards, with executives earning on average 196 times more than the median S&P 500 employee. David Zaslav of Warner Bros. Discovery had the highest straight annual salary at $25 million.

Over the last decade, CEO compensation has doubled from $7.4 million in 2013 to $15.7 million in 2023.


President Biden’s Friday night interview on ABC was seen by 8.5 million people as the President sought to recover from his stumbling debate performance last week, which drew 51.3 million viewers.

The Biden campaign, meanwhile, announced a $50 million ad blitz for July in battleground states that will include “strategic investments around key events,” including the Olympic Games and the Republican National Convention.

Democratic strategist David Axelrod, former senior advisor to President Obama, said Sunday that Biden doesn’t understand that he’s “not winning this race,” claiming Biden was “dangerously out of touch” with party and voter concerns.

Also Sunday, at least four senior House Democrats called for President Biden to step aside as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. These were Reps. Jerry Nadler, Mark Takano, Joe Morelle and Adam Smith.

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Now, back to the News.


Minnesota Twins third baseman Jose Miranda matched an MLB record by getting a hit in 12 consecutive at-bats. Miranda now shares this record with three other hitters who all reached the mark over 72 years ago.

Ben Rice became the first New York Yankees rookie to hit three home runs in one game as the Yankees routed the Red Sox 14-4. He entered the game with just one homer in 46 at-bats.

The Sacramento Kings acquired DeMar DeRozan in a three-team deal that will send Harrison Barnes to the San Antonio Spurs and Chris Durante to the Chicago Bulls. DeRozan signed a three-year contract for $74 million to play in Sacramento.


Bitcoin plummeted to its lowest level since February, leading to a widespread cryptocurrency market crash following the collapse of the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. At its lowest point on Friday, the crypto market lost more than $170 billion in value.

South Korean battery maker SK On declared an “emergency” due to disappointing electric car sales in Europe and the U.S. as it announced new cost-cutting measures.

Target announced it will no longer accept checks, joining the likes of Aldi and Whole Foods in nixing the payment method. The retailer said checks had become an “extremely low volume” payment method.


AI-powered humanoid robots grabbed attention at China’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference, with manufacturers claiming that “embodied intelligence” represents the future of AI technology.

The Orion spacecraft is undergoing a series of tests to prepare it for the Artemis II mission, aiming to fly astronauts safely through the harsh environment of space.

Earth’s core has dramatically slowed and is now moving in reverse, potentially affecting our planet’s magnetic field and rotation, scientists say.

Beyond Our Borders,

A quickly formed left-wing coalition is projected to secure the most legislative seats in France’s runoff election Sunday, with President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance finishing second and the right-wing National Rally party third. Official results weren’t expected until today.

Incoming UK Foreign Secretary David Lammy took his first foreign trip to try resetting UK-EU relationships, despite new Prime Minister Keir Starmer having ruled out Britain returning to the EU “in his lifetime.”

Thousands of Barcelona residents armed with water pistols sprayed tourists dining outdoors in popular areas like Las Ramblas in a protest against “excessive” tourism and its effects on the city.


Ammunition vending machines are being installed in grocery stores in several U.S. states, including Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. American Rounds, the manufacturer, says their machines aim to make buying bullets as easy as using an ATM.

French cyclist Julien Bernard was fined approximately $223 for stopping to kiss his wife during stage seven of the Tour de France. The governing body cited him for “inappropriate behavior,” and he apologized— but said he’d do it again every day at that price.

A California father’s $444 Trader Joe’s receipt for a 10-day grocery haul to feed his family of eight went viral, garnering over 17 million views. The social media post sparked a debate about affordable grocery options for large families.

Daily Quote,

“It’s more likely that he’ll lose by a landslide than win narrowly this race.”

— Democratic strategist David Axelrod, on President Biden’s chances if he stays in the presidential race.

And thats the news for today.

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