The Sunday Flyover Replay 7/7/2024

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The Sunday Flyover Replay : More Trouble for Biden, Olympics on Steroids, and the TimeMap,

Presented by Russell Sherrard,

Narrated by Artificial Intelligence,


Sunday, JULY 7, 2024,

Happy Sunday! On this date in 1898, the U.S. Congress passed a joint resolution officially annexing the Hawaiian Islands. It became the Territory of Hawaii in 1900 and a U.S. state in 1959.


Pressure Rises for Biden to Drop Out,

More than a week since President Biden’s poor debate performance, reports continue to surface concerning his ability to perform presidential duties or defeat former President Trump in November’s election.

A former White House doctor has reported a January meeting between Biden’s personal doctor and a Parkinson’s disease expert, a meeting confirmed by the White House visitor log.

Also, a senior White House official, speaking to the New York Times anonymously, said that Biden has “steadily showed more signs of his age in recent months, including speaking more slowly, haltingly and quietly, as well as appearing more fatigued in private” and isn’t up for the rigors of the campaign.

The debate over Biden’s future has reportedly caused long-held tensions between Biden’s family and his top aides to boil over, as the president’s family attempts to become more involved in his campaign and other affairs.

Hamas Drops Key Demand for Cease-Fire,

A Hamas official has indicated the group’s willingness to drop the demand that Israel commit to ending the war completely prior to a cease-fire, potentially clearing the path to implementing a U.S.-backed proposal for a pause in fighting.

The proposal would comprise a six-week cease-fire, first including the release of a number of Hamas-held hostages in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

Though still uncertain, U.S. officials are optimistic for a cease-fire and a potential end to the war. CIA Director Bill Burns is expected to travel to the Middle East next week to join negotiations.

List: Home Price Increases by State,

Home prices are rising across the country, and a new infographic map breaks down the increase by showing how much prices have risen in each state.

Nationally, home prices rose 6.6% over last year, but the increase was sharpest in the Northeast, led by Vermont at nearly 13%, then New Jersey, New York and Delaware, all above 10%.

In California, housing prices went up 6.3%, in Florida by 6.1%, and in Texas only 3.3%, one of the lowest in the country.

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Now, back to the News.


Houston Astros right fielder Joey Loperfido may have made the catch of the year on Saturday. Loperfido jumped into the wall and secured the ball barehanded while he was tumbling to the ground.

Orlando Magic forward Franz Wagner has agreed to a five-year $224 million maximum rookie contract extension. The deal could be worth as much as $269 million with incentives.

The entire Russian wrestling team has rejected their invitation to the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Russian Wrestling Federation issued a statement, saying “We do not accept the unsportsmanlike selection principle that guided the International Olympic Committee when forming the list of eligible athletes.”


Target and Kroger have narrowed the grocery price gap with Walmart to 6%, according to a new report. A year ago, they were 13% more expensive than the Arkansas-based retailer.

Winegrape growers in California are concerned about losing much of this year’s harvest to spotted lanternflies. The state produces 80% of America’s wine, but there are no pesticides allowed in California that can eliminate lanternflies.

Investor Peter Thiel is backing an Olympics-style event that permits athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs. It’s called “The Enhanced Games,” and the event’s parent company launched the idea with $10 million in venture capital.

Sunday Rewind,

Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

#1: A new study shows the income it takes to live comfortably in each U.S. state.

#2: A flock of Emperor penguin chicks take their first dive off a 50-foot cliff in Antarctica in a never-before-filmed event.

#3: An amazing gymnastic photo took first place in the World Sports Photography Awards. The silver and bronze winners were no slouches, either.

Quick Hits,

The Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards unveiled some of the best submissions so far in a contest that rewards photos of animals caught being ridiculous.

Long-form: A reporter’s decades-long search for evidence of reincarnation based on reports from thousands of people remembering past lives has led him to question the limits of science.

For map lovers, an “old maps online” website offers an interactive tool called “TimeMap” that allows you to follow changes over history in various regions of the world.

An infographic chart ranks world capitals by elevation, with La Paz, Bolivia, at the top and Baku, Azerbaijan, at the bottom, below sea level.

New guidelines designed to prevent falls in older adults recommend structured exercise tailored to improve balance and gait.

The National Portrait Gallery has acquired the earliest known photo of an American first lady for $456,000, an 1846 daguerrotype of Dolly Madison.

Daily Quote,

“Yes, I was given some questions for Biden.”

— Earl Ingram, a local radio host in Wisconsin who says he was given approved questions before an interview with President Biden.

And thats the news for today.

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